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  1. Thanks for all of the replies, it has been a big help.
  2. I quarantine them when I get them for at least 3 weeks. They have always eaten except one that just never ate. I feed them frozen brine shrimp, frozen beef e, flake food, bloodworms and discus pellets. Meant frozen beefheart on previous reply
  3. Hello, this is my first time to use a forum but I am needing help. I have had aquariums for the past 50 years so I am no beginner so I decided 10 months ago to branch out and try my hand at discus. I have purchased 18 fish total on line on four different occasions from Discus.com and Something Phishey. Out of the 18 only 4 remain and one of them is starting to turn dark. I have a 65 gal. planted tank with one HOB for a 50 gallon tank and another HOB for a 100 gallon tank. I do a 15% water change on Thursday and a 40% on Monday. All water parameters are great and temp is around 87 deg. The fish seem to get lathargic, stay in the corner of the tank get skinny and die. My granddaughter wanted some additional fish and since I can't say no to her I also have in my tank 5 glo tetras, 2 dwarf gouramis and 3 small bottom feeders. Could my problem be stress from overcrowding? I'm about ready to give up so any feedback good or bad will be great.
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