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  1. Feel, I guess. And I've been testing the water. I don't have a tds meter. The ideal is to get to where there's so many plants and everything is so balanced, I don't have to do many changes in general.
  2. My gloves came in and seem pliable enough for aquarium work! Too bad I've been stuck in bed all morning with neuropathy. The trimming shall have to wait 😭
  3. The only house I can really see from the back is far away. They have like a greenhouse and gazebo they never seem to use? I can only see it during the winter anyway. Neons and hillstream loach are in a pitcher acclimating to go into the 36g. Means the q tank is free for more neons or shrimps~ time to shop soon! The pH difference between tanks was not very much, like the vials were practically the same shade
  4. ✨️Google✨️ Absolutely not!! I'd shell out for new blinds first. They're only 'broken' bc the last people here were some college kids renting from one of their parents. "No dogs lived here," my tush. No one has to screw sheet metal to the backside of the laundry room floor and garage door frame, replace all the flooring, and still missed the dog nose smudges on the patio door that didn't have a dog 🙄 Anyway it's in the suburbs too, just on a hill towards a creek so most of my land is only mine bc they couldn't build another 3 houses on it lol. It has more privacy than average
  5. I read you don't want your livestock to endure more than a 0.4 pH change over a 24 hr period so I've been chasing that pH stability. Wish there was a way to independently raise kh without raising the pH 😢 I'm afraid neon tetras and hillstream loaches are weaker to those extreme pH shifts but that may just be my assumption that smaller fish=delicate constitution. Personally I'd be happy to have any functional blinds in that room. Those things are pricey! Hard to have curtains around cats too so window coverings are just something I have to deal with not having. Luckily that's at the back of the house. Only woods and coyotes and owls to watch me
  6. Morning update! The co2 was probably on less than an hour, pH was already at 6.8. If only it would stay there. The drop checker was still very blue though. Gh was a 6 and kh was at 3. Snails and sae still seem happy. The amazon frogbit has spread over a bout half the tank lol. My gloves are supposed to come in Sunday so if the chemo isn't kicking my butt, I hope to switch out those plants, trim the cabomba back and try to make that a denser back screen, maybe see if my wood is finally waterlogged enough to remove some of the old, nerite egg covered rocks I was just using temporarily to weigh them down. I was thinkg, maybe I should also use the gloves to get my water samples from the bottom of the tank and then compare them to the topside ones. Everything looks to be flowing well but idk what if the ammonia, nitrates, etc are heavy? And what if the pH, gh, and kh are being affected by the proximity to the surface gas exchange? The one fish in the doesn't seem to care about the ph fluctuation but maybe if I go mid water column, things are steadier. My oncologist doesn't want me sticking my hands in fish water and my disposable nitrile gloves only go up to my wrist so I'm limited til Sunday on what I can do. yeah, turns out it doesn't just make your hair come out, your nails can weaken and uh...look, just don't google it like I did. Don't make my mistake. Just know mine are 90% fine, I caught it early and am taking more precautions and care now. My tank will just have to manage in the meantime. Need to take the pic at night when the windows are dark Doodled a floor plan so you can see my sorrows
  7. I actually broke the rhizome in half when I added it a few weeks ago. I've not seen any new growth but the baby snails seem to love eating the algae off the leaves. The other half is floating in the quarantine tank (well, it's the holding tank rn. It'll return to its quarantine role when I get those neons, etc) I just worry a daily 1 point pH fluctuation would be rough on those delicate guys. They're getting older after all 🥲
  8. Pretty good? Between the snails, sae, and lower lights, most of it has disappeared. The most I can find is on the broad leaves of the anubias that I want to replace anyway. I'm thinking I'll chop the leaves off and see if the rhizome will still regrow some in the quarantine tank. If it can go back to being only 3 inches tall and a lovely dark green vs 18 inches tall and a strained, pale green, maybe it can come back to the aquascape tank. pH was around a 6.4 or 6.6 yesterday a couple hours after the co2 went off. Idk how my neons and hillstream would handle being in water that swings a whole ph point over 24 hrs 😕
  9. I finally felt up to going out and picking up a grocery order.....and stop by Petco. I have no self control bc I bought some sort of narrow amazon sword (maybe the ozelot type according to the employee? No spots though) and more super red Ludwigia. I need to do a trim and some planting now lol. The cabomba is growing like crazy! I still need to test my pH after co2 tonight but so far it's been spiking up to a 7.6, possibly higher overnight, gh is at 5 and kh is only at 3. I turned the air off a few days ago to try and prevent the overnight spikes but no luck. At least the snails and siamese algae eater seem fine. Ideally I can get the tank to a consistent 6.8±0.2 pH and whatever gh/kh shrimp need to molt...whenever I find some that won't immediately get eaten. Red ones would look nice but I need like...1.5 inch ones that a future dwarf gourami wouldn't eat and that will breed in freshwater
  10. I figure everything eats fry. As long as enough survive to maintain the population, that's the circle of life. That's part of why I don't think amano shrimp would work since they don't hatch in freshwater
  11. I was thinking of a panda garra instead of an oto
  12. I've been redoing my 36g planted tank with some aqua soil and more plants and I'd like to make it a more realistic ecosystem by keeping shrimp but I've never done them. I currently have snails, neon tetras, a siamese algae eater, and a hillstream loach. I would like 1-3 dwarf gourami but I think they would eat the tiny skittle shrimp that are only ½" I've seen at my lfs and amanos just look...dull. Obviously looks aren't everything so far as my ecosystem goes, but it would be nice if they were pretty, as much as a seabug can be. Are there any types that are big enough to not interest a dwarf gourami but have some color to interest me?
  13. Day 2 of ph being around 7.0 on the morning, gh of 4-5 and kh hovering at 2. Will the pps fertilizer raise kh just by being there? My bro keeps shrimp in an 8 gal and wanted to take me to look at them (I'm not buying any today but he wants to) after chemo so I was wondering if I should look at their chems or some limestone rocks or just wait for the fertilizer to solve all my problems lol I did add back my nerite snail yesterday since the water seems to be good enough for baby snails lol I'm thinking of removing the giant anubias in the left corner but what to replace it with~? 🤔 something bright to lighten that darker area? Tall or mid? Idk All 3 petstores with fish are in the same strip mall near me (really weird tbh) but convenient when you don't have a lot of go power. All 3 have plants though one is a Petsmart so 'have' is a generous, technically accurate statement only. Anyway, lotta variety to choose from.
  14. Parameter update~ I added ¼ c aragonite about 4 hours ago. The co2 has turned off, drop checker was green Ph 6.4 (better than 6 yesterday) Gh 4 Kh 2! The 1st drop actually turned blue instead of an instant yellow The spaghetti sauce jar is clean and drying~
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