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  1. Hi all. Fairly new axolotl owner here, hoping other owners might offer advice. 48 hours ago, Copper Penny, our 4 inch juvenile axolotl, looked great. Then 24 hours ago, our youngest child called me over because CP looked awful - white fuzzy stuff peeling off her whole body, with her tail shriveled. Can't tell if she is shedding her slime, has a bad fungus, both, or something else entirely. We moved CP to a tub with fresh, dechlorinated water and gave her tea baths - but no improvement. So today, we did a tub water change, added Indian Almond leaves, Maracyn Oxy, and EM Erythromycin, and then we fridged her. Not sure how she got this bad in one day. Her tank nitrites are 0, her nitrates 5-10, and her ammonia had a little, unexpected spike, but was still just .25. The temperature here got a bit warmer, but her tank temp didn't really move. No change in diet. Our other axolotl, a year old male who lives in a separate tank, is doing just fine. I'll attach a couple pics I took of CP in the fridge (the water is clean - the brownish color is the leaves). If anyone has any ideas what is wrong or what else we can do, we'd appreciate the help!
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