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  1. Hello, this is my journal to track all of my fish keeping adventures. I just started off, but hope to grow this year. I have a few goldfish: a ryukin, a ranchu, and about nine comets that were meant to be feeders for my turtle. I will likely have to sell the comets, as I don't have enough room for them since they are getting bigger. I also have four guppy fry, a minnow, and a turtle. My setups are a 75 gal for my fancies, a 55 gal with my turtle, comets, and minnow, and a ten gallon for the guppy fry. Pictures of my fish: I plan to become a breeder, primarily of goldfish.
  2. I was thinking of mixing orandas and comets in the near future. Is wen dominant, and what other traits might these guys have? Thanks!
  3. I wasnt planning to add substrate, at least not at first. I plan to put goldfish in these. After the tanks were cycled, I would put one in each tank, and after however much time I would add another one, so it could have time to adjust. Especially since goldies produce a lot more waste than most fish
  4. Thank you! I was just thinking last night that I would get some large sponge filters, and run them on the turtle tank. I wasn't even gonna get the tanks themselves for at least a month anyway. I will let them run, and when I get the new tanks, I don't even have to let it cycle, and just put the filters in there and plug it in.
  5. Thanks. I have a turtle tank, and the filter cartridge has been in there for a long time. If I squeeze that out in the tank, could that jumpstart it? I also have a fake plant in there and rocks. If I put those in there could that help? And also if I use some of the water itself?
  6. Hello, and I was wondering how long it would take for a 75 gallon tank and 110 gallon tank to cycle. For the 110 I was gonna use a DIY 5 gal bucket filter, and for the 75 I would use 2-3 of the largest sponge filters I can afford. I also might add plants to both of the tanks. I am asking because I was assuming it would take about 4 weeks, but after a little research it looks like it might take longer. Thanks!
  7. Rosy reds. The two I have now are females. I had a male, but I think my turtle got him. They spawned once, but the goldfish ate the eggs and before they could do it again the male disappeared. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I'm a bit new to the hobby. I have three comet goldfish named Jane, Frosty, plus an unnamed one. I also have ten guppy fry and two minnows. I also have a turtle which was where my love for fish originated. All the fish I currently have were meant to be feeders or are the fry of the feeders. I hope to set up 2-3 tanks for my goldfish this year, a 75 gallon glass tank, a 110 gallon stock tank, and a 40 gallon tub. I also plan to set up three ten gallons for guppies, plus a 5 gal. for a little deformed one I have. I also might get bettas at the end of the year, and if I do, I will set them up in 5-10 gallons on a rack. I hope to be able to breed all of these fish, partly for profit, and partly for my own enjoyment. Luckily I can take care of all these tanks, since I do school from home and it only takes about 2-3 hours to do. Thank you for reading this!
  9. Thank you. I guess I dont know if it is male or female, because they are only a little over a month old. I was assuming this one was a male was because he was showing color before most of his siblings. I will put his brothers with him if he is a male, since chances are he is one. If they do bully him, I will take them out. Another reason I want to keep him in a seprate tank is because These are meant to go into a turtle tank. I figured most of them would survive, but I doubt he has much of a chance at all.
  10. I have a deformed guppy fry. This is my first batch, and it is a small one too, so I dont want to cull him. What are some good fish tankmates? I dont want him with female guppies because I dont want him adding his genes, and males might bully him, so I was planning to set him up in a 5 gal. with shrimp and snails. Are there any good fish mates that could cohabitate with him? I would be willing to upgrade to a ten gal. for a tank mate.
  11. If I got 2 or 3 sponge filters, would that work? Meant for 75 gals.
  12. Okay, thanks for the replies. I forgot that it will house carp, which are big waste-producers. It will house koi (just to grow out and sell), and goldfish to keep in there permanently.
  13. So I'm going to get a 110 gal. stock tank. Can I use 2 or 3 filters meant for a 75 gal., or would I have to get something else? Thanks!
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