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  1. Yes. It is planted. Got swords, val, creeping charlie, and a few more. I raised the temp from 76 to 80 Absolutely sorry but no pineconing. Just the fins turning to white as is visible on the top and side.
  2. Ammonia nitrite are zero. Nitrate is 40. Ph is 7.8. temp is 80. I keep it at 76 but raised as I read that helps the fish when they are sick. Haven't check kh and gh as I don't have equipment to test it. Will buy a tester for that today. No loss of appetite and lethargy but some fish died and no pinecone and experienced rapid breathing.
  3. Currently I only have harlequin rasboras, Otos and nerites in my tank. While the OTO and nerites look fine all rasboras look like this. Pls help ok how to treat them
  4. My local LFS is pretty expensive. I am looking to buy cpd, harlequin raspbora, kuhli loaches.
  5. thank you for the tips! i actually have a little bit of experience with plants. but this is the first time i am doing a carpet and thus i am so worried about the soil. i have never put in a bronze crypt. can you recommend anything specific?
  6. nice. yea i have decided too to substitute the sword tails with kuhli loaches. i am so excited! do you think i can keep a single betta with all of this?
  7. Hey Folks, i intend to use Activ-Flora Planted Aquarium Substrate for my planted tank. is this substrate by itself is good enough or is it inert and acts just like a cap? i intend to grow monte carlo, amazon sword, java fern, creeping charlie and a few other plants in my tank. but i do want to plant slightly on the heavier side. this will be a 75 g tank. trying to save some money as the more nutrient rich soils seem to be super expensive. My main concern here is growing the monte carlo.
  8. I think it's amply clear that sword tails are a bad idea. I did not know that they are live bearers. I think I am just gonna increase my number of red cherry shrimp and cpd and chuck the swordtail.
  9. Hi Guys, I recently got a 75g tank. This is what i want to stock it with and wanted to know yall's opinion. 30 harlequin raspbora 15 CPD 2M and 4F swordtails 10 RCS 5 apple snails. I am just not sure on my centerpiece fish and thus thought of swordtails. open to ideas and suggestions. please let me know if my selection has any conflicts or if i can improve in any way.
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