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  1. Noticed this on the bottom of my angelfish any clue what this could be?
  2. Transfer from my other tank and then down the road get some new ones. I have a pelco in my old tank I was looking to move over
  3. Okay so would you think it would be fine to start stocking the tank some more? Or should I still wait a few weeks.
  4. Hi guys I've set up a new tank last week. I had put some fish in it as I needed to separate fish from another tank. I'm still fairly new at this and I noticed over the last week that the ph has stayed around 6.4 I've read that with a ph that low the tank wouldn't cycle. I noticed I have a bacterial bloom but for the past week my ammonia nitrite and nitrate are all reading 0. I would assume with fish waste and food being in it there would be some ammonia. My question is will a tank cycle with 6.4 ph and is it possible my tank is already cycled. I did take a sponge filter from my old tank as well as some plants not sure if that would speed up the process.
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