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  1. Such great advice and help! Thanks so much!
  2. Thank you all so much for your advice! Much appreciated!!
  3. Thank you! Any thoughts on how to get him to eat??
  4. Hello. Yesterday I adopted an older Oscar from a local store. He had been donated to the store 1 month ago. The mate had since died at the store shortly after they were dropped off there. He has been treated for significant head trauma or disease, and the staff said he actually looks better now 😞. There at the store (and here) he just sits at the bottom of the tank and won't eat. He currently has a 55 gallon tank to himself. I really want to get another large Oscar to encourage him to move abt but these damn fish are so unpredictable. I've sat near the tank and try to engage him and I even play fish videos for him and nothin. Thoughts?
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