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  1. Yes I do; it's just that I've never seen their eggs look like this. Must've missed this stage in their development. Thank you for the clarification, JosiahBass!
  2. Yeah, I know that's how I should do it. Thing is, I've never used a quarantine tank before, and I don't have the extra equipment to set one up. I did add a third catappa leaf to the tank, hopefully that'll help the fish. Thanks again, I appreciate the advice!
  3. Thanks for your reply! Didn't the salt hurt your plants?
  4. First time poster here (and an existing customer). Please help me figure out what, if anything, I can do to help my Betta. Context: Tank first set up in March of this year. 10 gallon tank; heavily planted (Anubias, Java Moss, Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily, Duckweed); not overstocked [four Peppered Corys, one Oto (another one died some two months ago) mystery snail, ramshorn snails (small population, under control)] Water Parameters: Ammonia: o ppm Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: around 10 ppm PH: 6.4 (has never gotten higher than this) Hardness: Hard (150-300 ppm, thanks to Wonder Shell) KH: 0 (has never been higher) Water Temperature: 78 Thank you in advance!
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