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  1. Hey guys quick question. I have a 75 gallon aquarium and I noticed these bubbles forming on the outside edges of the silicon sealant. I know the most important is between the seam of the glass but I was wondering if this is okay? The tank is a year old now, is this just normal aging of the silicone ?? Should this be concerning? thanks !
  2. So thank you for everyone who replied to my questions !! I ended up getting a replacement tank and everything looked good. No chips or cracks. Everything is level. But I noticed some bubbles on the bottom silicone but The bead looks thick as well. I did fill it up and test for leaks and the set the tank back up fully. Seems no issues at all. what are your thoughts on this ?! Again thank you
  3. Hello!! currently have a 75 gallon top fin tank. I have it leveled all the around both stand and tank and it’s a brand new that’s only been running for two weeks . I noticed what looks to be either a tiny crack or chip at the end of one panes of glass. Looks to be underneath the silicon as well. This is towards the top upper half of the tank. I am quite nervous about this as I don’t want anything bad to happen. so if anyone has any ideas on what this looks like that would be great. I did contact the store for a possible replacement tank as well to be on the safe side. Is that the right move ?
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