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  1. Will do! As soon as I get the meds prepared, I am going to start treatment. Thanks again for responding to me! I so appreciate it.
  2. New, lighter, clearer photos of the progression of whatever this is. I am waiting on the medicated products to arrive, so I can begin her treatment. Thanks!
  3. Okay! Good to know. Thank you for responding...I have seen mixed info on snails and meds. I appreciate your time so much!
  4. Thank you! I will try to grab better pictures tomorrow. I know they are hard to see, especially with her coloring. Do I need to remove the snails? I assume these treatments are not safe for invertebrates.
  5. Hi! I am Jenna and this is my first post here on the forum. Nice to be here. Hope this finds everyone well. If anyone has time, I would love some expertise here. Standby for novella... I am keeping Angelfish only (along with Nerite snails.) I have two tanks-a 36 with my Black Veil female Angel plus snails, and a 90 gal with 3 males/3 females. These fish having been living in this configuration for over a year (Veil was terribly bullied and cannot exist with other 6. Other 6 have sorted their pecking order and get along). I have tried to introduce another Angel to 36 with no luck. Planned on adding another species for her entertainment...but not til I get this sorted). The fish are all approximately the same age--coming up on 2 years--all from same breeder, raised by me from dimes. I have never had (knock on wood) any diseases in my tanks. Or at least not to my knowledge. I have noticed some stringy poop occasionally (recently, in both tanks), but wrote it off to mucus as I do fast my fish about one day a week. I have mostly observed "normal" poop-the color of their various food types. The tanks are both at 77 degrees, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, around 20-30 nitrates, ph approx 7-7.2 (36 gal nitrates generally stay below 20-only one fish there). I do 10%-25% water changes on both tanks every week, rinse filters-in tank water, vacuum substrate etc. My Black Veil has been acting a bit off for about a week. She is eating good, but hasn't engaged me as she normally would at the front of the tank and she stays toward the bottom of the tank. She is very personable, so this is unusual. She is swimming normally, and isn't on her side, or anything like that, but 3 days ago I thought she had something behind her right eye, just past the gill plate. It is really hard to tell, because she is so dark in color, and to be honest, at the time, I didn't really think much of it. Now today (I didn't see it there yesterday), I was doing a water change and saw a white blob? lesion? on her head in the approx same location I noted the other anomaly. Then I got online and did research and that really scared me... I am terrified she has some type of internal parasite, but although I have keep fish in the past prior to these two tanks, I have only dealt with Ich. As I noted, these fish have never been ill until this point, and not only am I unsure what I am looking at, but I am afraid to treat for the wrong thing...I am also afraid of seeing it in the other tank... I will attach photos of her 3 days ago, and now. Unfortunately today, she would (of course) only really show her "good" side, as it were, today, so it was hard for me to photograph the "lesion". I guess she didn't like me putting the camera in her face near the glass...dont mind my smeary acrylic... I love this fish, as we all love our fish, and I would hate to lose her. Nor do I want her to be in pain. Any help would be so appreciated!! Thank you so much!!
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