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  1. I mean my ammonia spiked a bit while treating with maracyn but I did frequent water changes and it’s leveled back out. I’ve been testing frequently and they’ve remained steady since
  2. I’m struggling to figure out the issue with one of my mollies. I’ve had them for a while now without issues (granted, my water is soft, but it’s been that way the whole time I’ve had them). I noticed some white gills and a white ring around one of the males’ eye, and I treated with Marcyn for what I thought was bacterial. That had no effect, so I went ahead with both Ick-X and Paracleanse as well, just to be sure. Still, nothing, and now another of my mollies is starting to develop similar symptoms. My dwarf gourami and pepper cories appear just fine. Any advice on what this is and how to treat it? For reference, this guy used to be very dark.
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