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  1. Alright so up until yesterday I had been very distraught and discouraged in keeping my tank. It had a terrible algae bloom. So thanks to the advice of @nabokovfan87 fix the tank 1st, worry about shrimp 2nd. So I did probably close to a 85% water change yesterday and got fresh water in the tank. I was only able to find 2 cherry shrimp yesterday and Houdini (bamboo shrimp). Houdini actually hit my hand 3x yesterday when I initially started cleaning the tank and removing the water. It felt weird. The only two cherry shrimp that seem to be left don’t look the best so I may lose them. Hopefully they will come back to full health but if not I know I’m trying. I sucked up a bunch of the scuds yesterday so there ain’t many roaming around. I’m still considering getting kuhli loaches and or guppies to help keep the scud population down. I’m going to add a picture of what the tank looks like this morning. Let me know what else I can do to make it Neocaridina heaven please! This is what it looked like before I cleaned it yesterday (12-11-23). I learned that I got some not totally true advice from the LFS owner so I’ve been doing a ton more on YouTube and here.
  2. Updates: Scuds took over my tank and started killing my shrimp. They demolished my beautiful plants. I went to war with them (all shrimp were removed into a hospital tank during the war) and carbon water bombed the tank for 2 weeks. Everything was great in my tank after that... Until today. The SCUDS ARE BACK! My plants have still been slowly disappearing and I had originally thought it was because they were so badly eaten before. Well, it's because not ALL of the scuds died. Plan B. I am going to NUKE the tank whole. I know this is gonna crash my tank and unfortunately, I think these scuds killed the last couple of shrimp I had left. (the female scuds get pregnant and begin to attack and eat everything. Saw it with my own eyes.) My husband is willing to help me get what I need to restart my shrimp tank properly for Christmas. So this time surely I will be good to go! Will come back here more to journal my process. I am super sad and frustrated right now. I probably will not go back to that LFS again.
  3. @Guppysnail I did not think about my shrimplets going into the traps. I haven't started them yet so I may just manually remove them during my tank maintenance cycles. @nabokovfan87 and Guppysnail I saw my very first shrimplet last night! it was out with the adults sooooo tiny but I saw it! My husband and I are so excited. I did not see more than one I am just presuming there are more how do I make sure I am keeping them all fed? I have the BacterAE that I read is good to keep babies fed. there is lots of plant matter and I have Almond leaves I can add. I just want to make sure they are doing good. I also have those little cone things too. I added a scoop of BacterAE to my tank last night I have only been doing that once a month until I saw babies. Should I feed them more often? It was eating the shrimp pellets with the adults last night. I will take a pic of my tank and add it here today or tomorrow after I finish my tank maintenance.
  4. @Guppysnail It looks like if you take a container you can cut tiny holes into the lid put some kind of veggie in the container and the scuds are supposed to go for it then you remove the container with the water in it so the scuds don't escape and then you can toss it or "feed it to the chickens" lol that's what the video I watched did. My water really loves being green from the red root floaters which have not been red at all. are very green taking over the top of my tank lol I throw so much of it away every week. @nabokovfan87 I am tagging you here in case you don't see my update on the GH!
  5. @Guppysnail Thank you! I found some scud traps that I am looking at trying. have you had luck with those?
  6. Update! I added a lid and did my normal 30% water change and the GH lowered down to 10 all on its own. All the other parameters are the same but the GH is now in the correct "area" and hopefully I will start seeing babies! The only "issue" I have is scuds. no matter how many I remove there are still some in there. They don't seem to bother my shrimp and they don't even try to eat the shrimp food which is what I read they would do. So now I don't know if I should leave them or keep trying to remove them.
  7. I opted to go for the no planaria and my shrimp have stopped dying and my mystery snail has been way more active! Tomorrow is water change day and I would say about 15% has evaporated. I am thinking of removing some of the decor and readjusting the bottom with the plants then re-adding the decor. I am not sure if I should but I really want to make the decor more to my liking. (yes I have been watching aquascape videos) Thank you @nabokovfan87 for all your help so far! I will let you know tomorrow or Saturday what the water parameters are for my tank. IF the GH is still too high I am going to add the water softener pillow.
  8. The ones that are skinny and long are Rotala Magenta and the other ones that are shorter with bigger leaves are Alternanthera Rosanervig. Current update picture. This is how much water has evaporated from my tank since I did the 30% water change last weekend. I’m starting to see a lot more scuds they have no issues reproducing. Still no berried shrimps 🥲. I’ll do another 30% change next weekend. And clean some of the algae off the front glass. I also have a water softener pillow coming in and I’m going to add more crushed coral then it should just be maintenance from there 🫠
  9. I am concerned about my Mystery Snail. From what I have read all medicine that kills planaria will kill my Mystery Snail. It sounds like the best-case scenario is to rehome my snail. How would I know if I set up the planaria trap that it would get any attacking my Mystery snail? Any ideas?
  10. okay is 30% big enough? Would I need to do it 2 or 3 three times a week? I was doing 10% a day to maintain. I have been thinking about getting Distilled or the water softener pillow. no more dead shrimp and I have tried to get that Planaria (confirmed it) I can't seem to suck it up out of the tank and I don't wanna break it. No Planaria will be in this weekend
  11. Hi there welcome!! Pretty tank!
  12. I just found a dead shrimp and funky worm crawled out of it I presume this is Planaria? it had the head of what they look like online. I am going to buy some no-planaria as soon as my LFS opens. I also have found some Scuds in my tank I have been manually removing them is there another way to get rid of them?
  13. okay, I waited a few days then did a 30% water change and the GH is 17 after 24 hours of being in the tank. My biggest concern is my water is evaporating pretty fast. I have seen in youtube videos that if your water evaporates and you just add water that it makes the GH high as well. If I don't do another water change in like 2 weeks the water will be crazy and it will have evaporated probably 30% on its own.
  14. The water I use for water change is 6 GH. I did a 10% water change this morning after I took the readings because of the ammonia and now the GH of the tank is 17. I used Sand and the little tiny chunks you can see are from 1lb of crushed coral that I put in 2 months-ish ago ~
  15. Yes it looks green because of all the red root floaters 🫠
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