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  1. Randall…I’m glad I tried that big piece of poly driftwood. Looking at it at the store I loved the looks of it, but it looked too large for my tank. I looked at the reviews and a few people had used it in a 20 long and it looked great. I’ve struggled greatly with the aquascaping, never got anything to look the way I wanted.
  2. Hi everyone! I haven’t had a tank setup in a while, and here’s my new 20 long I got running last weekend. The 4 zebra danios are very active like usual and eating well. I put up the new light from Aquarium Co-Op today on 3” risers from Custom Aquatics (Etsy) yesterday and am ecstatic with the results! It’s on 20% power for now since I don’t have live plants yet, those will come once I have enough fish in there to feed them. Also put a circulation pump in to put flow into the tank and surface agitation, and the fish seem to like the current. I’m thinking about making it an all zebra tank. They’re not flashy in color, but they remind me of a mini trout and are always swimming and fun to watch.
  3. I have two circulation pumps i haven’t installed yet, and am adding one or both tonight. The last setup I had (29 gal) I used one high in the back corner to agitate the surface and push the filter output to the opposite corner, and the other was in the other back corner pushing down towards the intake. The fish seem to like the currents they provide.
  4. Hello everyone! I have this new 20 long setup with the Co-Op heater. I was considering moving the fake driftwood piece back more, but I’m unsure how close I should put that to the heater. Any thoughts?
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