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  1. Thanks all for the reply. Postdew is rose gold vanda cellophane. His color is more warm than the photo shows. The cellophane is semitransparent and meets the rose gold fins. Inflammation is circled in blue - redness where rise gold fins meet cellophane. I notice this on him after he was put back to main tank from quarantine tank, thus ruling out swimming and hitting something. I have several long fins rosetails with even longer fins than Poaydew. None has this issue even they swim in the same tank. there will be no sign of regrowth because only inflammation is observed and fin rot if it is fin rot has not started. I will weigh the option of proceeding with Kanaplex and other treatments. Thanks!
  2. The tank was disinfected because I got tired of the bladder snails. They were a few I see and remove everyday. The population is smaill but I don't want to deal with it. Then I found several small worms - likely planaria. So I decided to just disinfect the tank and start anew. The biomedia was kept to keep beneficial bacteria. There are biological, mechanical and chemical filters. Flow is small. Water is kept pristine with good range of water parameters. Environment is good. I keep about 10 different brands different types of betta food, mostly bought from Aquarium Co-op. I feed them twice a day rotating the food each time. Food is of high quality and variety. I am pretty sure it is not damaged fins by hitting some decor. First I only use real or silk plants. The stones in this nanoscape are round smooth stones. Second, there is clear inflammation around the tips of his ventral and dorsal fins at the front, when the red color meets cellophane. There is no such red inflammation at the other part of his fins. I am sure something is up. I just do not know if I should proceed to next level of treatment in fear that may further stress him out.
  3. Water is pristine, so not ammonia / nitrite / nitrate problem. Tank is cycled and is running for two years Tank: 16 gallon divided into two, housing two betta Ammonia: <0.003 ppm Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 pH ~7 Hardness 80 Carbonate 0 Total Alkalinity 80-120
  4. Thanks for the reply. I want to give an update on Snowy II's condition. I proceed to treat him with aquarium salt and three courses of Kanaplex. While there is zero change to his jagged fins, the part of the fins that was bitten in November started to regrow after treatment in January (two months after injury). His appetite now gets better and is more normal. He makes bubble nests occassionally. He still does not swim that actively but that is in line with his sedentary behavior. So I think he does recover from whatever infections after quarantine. I can make out the few pedals of his pectoral fins. Each is sort of a pedal shape but they are of different sizes and lengths. I now believe his jagged fins are just how he naturally grows to become.
  5. 12/28/2022 Posydew arrived home last month with pristine cellophane fins (first photo). 01/20/2023 Move to quarantine tank as main tank is disinfected. 01/20/2023-02/05/2023 01/20/2023 Treatment in quarantine tank with salt and one course of Kanaplex. Not eats on day 1. Possibly due to stress of change of environment. 01/21/2023 Start eating. At some point during course of treatment, become inactive and possibly not eating / eat less. Stress of change of environment and Kanaplex? 01/26/2023 Back to main tank. Quite inactive. 01/27/2023 Mild inflammation of ventral and dorsal fin rot at front. Resume activity, eat, swim normal. 01/28/2023 Treatment in main tank with salt for 8 days. 02/01/2023 Fin rot looks the same. Eat, swim normal, makes bubble nest every now and then. 02/04/2023-02/05/2023: Methylene Blue dip once per day. No blue stain noticed on fins indicating no open wound. 02/06/2023-Present: Eat with reasonable and less appetite than first arrive. Swim normal but less active than before. Still makes bubble nest every now and then. Tank: 16 gallon divided into two, housing two betta Ammonia: <0.003 ppm Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 pH ~7 Hardness 80 Carbonate 0 Total Alkalinity 80-120 Since he got sick during quarantine shortly after arrival, I was not sure if his getting mild symptoms of fin rot was due to his being sick after travel or stress induced by changing environment in quanrantine tank. Thus I opt to treat him with salt in the main tank and do frequent water changes (now 80% twice a week). While his inflammation and white tip has not progressed, it is not getting better neither. Worse, I notice the slight decrease in appetite and swimming activity. I am at a crossroad of whether I should just continue frequent water change in main tank to wait it out, or proceed to take more aggressive treatment plan, such as courses of Kanaplex in quarantine. Your perspective is much appreciated!
  6. Because of dark spots on his body and curly white patches on his left side from fights, I put him through a course of API General Cure, Marycin and Ich-X treatment in November 2022. Zero visible changes. That led me to believe the curly white patches are scar tissues, and the dark spots could be beneign trails left over by parasites.
  7. Housing: 16 Gallon tank with a separate sump. Divided into two housing two betta Filter: Biomedia, activated carbon and filter floss in the sump. Heater. Maintain temperature between 76 to 80 F Aeration with return pump Food: Feed twice a day. Excess swiped away. Rotaie freeze-dried food between pallets, bug bites, blood worms, brine shrimp, daphnia. Maintenance: Weekly 25% water change. Monthly 80% water change. Gravel vac each time. Water source: Filtered tap water. Additives: API Stress Coat. Kordon Protector. API Stress Zyme. Seachem Stability. Seachem Equilibrium. Fritz TurboStart. API Leaf Zone. Easy Carbo. 0.25 teaspoon of aquarium salt per 1 gallon. Tourmaline balls. Water Parameters: Ammonia: under 0.005 mg/l (ppm) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 pH: 7.0 Hardness (GH): 0
  8. I noticed that the fins of Snowy II, white dumbo feathertail, are quite jagged, in comparison with how he looked when I got him a year ago in Jan 2022. The thing is he is a feathertail. His tails have always been a bit jagged. Over time as he grows, the tail gets more uneven and more jagged. It slowly changes over time that I did not notice the magnitude of change until I took photos of him a few days ago. He never gulps down food. Over time his appetite seems to reduce as well. Now he takes a bite at a time, swims back to his floating log home, then takes a bit again. He would munch the food over a period of time. He eats moderately and there is always leftover food. I feed him twice a day. He is more on the sedentary side. He does not seem to have problem swimming. Most of the time he hides inside his floating log home and watches outside. Sometimes he comes out to swim. Sometimes he rests on the substrate or against the plant. When he sees another betta, he would flare for some time before ignoring the other guy. Usually he is the instigator. Would love to hear what other hobbists think. Should I be worried about his fins getting more jagged? First two photos: Jan 2022 Other photos: Jan 2023
  9. Thanks! The millenium falcon is there as reference for scale so that the betta canyon is interpreted as huge. The perception of its being enormous is important for creating a sense of awe.
  10. Also photo arts of Snowy I, predecessor Snowy II. Unfortunately he passed from swimming into the filter compartment through a tiny hole. The issue has been fixed since I changed to a DIY sump system. Taken with Canon 7D. Edited with Photoshop.
  11. I am new to the forum but have been a big fan of Aquarium Co-op since I started the hobby a year ago. I'd like to share photos I took of my beloved bettas and digital arts I create of them. Their names are Snowy II (white dumbo feathertail) and Posydew (rose gold vanda cellophane rosetail). Taken with Canon R5. Edited with Photoshop.
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