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  1. Yes they are doing better. 😃 The parameters are great and holding steady. I did lower their temp. It's currently 74.1° in the tank. My house is also 74° so I don't think it can get cooler than that. I was considering doing a 20% water change. Would that help introduce more oxygen while also removing more of the Stress Guard from the water? I don't want to cause more harm than good. I'm really not sure whether I should or not.
  2. Its a 40 gallon tank with an Aquaclear 110 (with diffuser to soften current) and 2 large double sponge filters (run by a Whisper 60 air pump). Good to know. I will wait 24 hours after the new air pump and air stone are added before testing the oxygen level again. 👍🏻
  3. Update: I just tested the oxygen level with a test kit. The test kit says freshwater aquariums should be 8mg/L or higher. My quarantine tank is 6mg/L. I want to thank everyone who assisted me. You are all amazing! I am adding another air pump and air stone ASAP. Is that the only thing I should do to increase oxygen in the tank?
  4. @nabokovfan87 Thank you for suggesting that video. Just today I noticed one of the goldfish flashing. 🤯 I knew 80° seemed high but I was relying on the directions from the shop, believing they must know better than my limited knowledge base. I hope the high temp hasn't caused permanent damage to my new goldfish 🥺 Thank you again! 💝
  5. 80°. The shop said my goldfish are from Thailand and they quarantine at 80°. I plan on progressively lowering the temperature once they are out of quarantine. This is all new to me. All of my other tanks do not have heaters. It is certainly quite possible. I got them 3pm Friday. They were very active. Kind of overly active. Saturday afternoon I put Stress Guard in the tank. That's when they became lethargic. 🤷🏼‍♀️ There are no other meds in the water. I honestly don't know. I looked up info on Stress Guard and there is no mention of lethargy being a possible side effect. Lots and lots of worry on my part lol.
  6. I am using a Whisper 60 (at full speed) to power the 2 large double sponge filters in the quarantine tank. Do you think I also need to add an air stone? The air bubbles coming from the sponge filters are at a high velocity. I will definitely add one if they are not getting enough air. I have not kept goldfish since I was a child. I want them to thrive.
  7. I thank everyone who has responded to my worries. Thank you Thank you The quarantine tank is 40 gallons, no substrate. Filtration: AquaClear 110 (with a diffuser to soften current) and 2 large double sponge filters. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, PH 7.4. I added API salt according to the dosing on box prior to getting the goldfish. Last night I did a 20% water change. They were a tiny bit more active afterwards. I worried all night. This morning they were active and bright. 😃 What a relief! Stress Guard definitely caused the fish to become mellow, to an extraordinary extent. I didn't realize Stress Guard could do that. If I ever use it again in the future I will use a much much smaller dose to start. Thank you all once again!!
  8. I purchased 4 oranda goldfish yesterday. Seachem stress guard was recommended by the shop for new fish. I used 1 cap per 10 gallons around 3pm today. The fish went from very active to lethargic. If I had known that would happen, I would not have used it. Does anyone know if this is normal? Am I being overly concerned? Will it wear off in a short period of time or is it something I need to remove with water changes? Thank you for your help
  9. Sounds good. Any idea what is on the abdomen of the rainbow fish?
  10. Update: Still battling columnaris. Initially two rounds of kanaplex medicated feed & Fungus Clear seemed to work but then my platys started rubbing their bodies on plants/rocks, and several showing hazy patches again. After several weeks of no treatment I decided to treat the water with Kanaplex, Fungus Clear, & Kanaplex in the feed. So far my shrimp & snail have endured. I'm on the second round of treatment. Now one rainbow fish has 2 protrusions on its abdomen. I'm not sure what they are. Does anyone know what they are? How do I treat it? I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed and very discouraged.
  11. I will 👍🏻 Thank you
  12. @Colu I picked up Kana Plex. Do I wait to start it or can I use it while using Jungle Fizz?
  13. @Colu Thank you for all of your help!
  14. @Chick-In-Of-TheSea Thank you. I will give it a try
  15. I have never fed medicated food to my fish before. As it stands right now, any food that falls to the ground my shrimp swam it. The shrimp congregate in the front of the tank as soon as I start feeding the fish. I am willing to give it a shot. Will the medicated food kill the shrimp if they get to it?
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