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  1. Hello, I have recently set up a five-gallon aquarium with 5 guppies (2 males + 3 females). It has only been 13 days since adding the fish and 2 females and 1 male have died. I thought the first female death was due to stress from being picked on by the other fish because she was quite a bit smaller and the largest female was quite aggressive. The largest female died next, with almost no apparent symptoms leading up to the death. On the day that she died, she was struggling to swim correctly and was mostly on the bottom. I thought maybe it was due to constipation/a swim bladder issue, but she died very quickly. I did notice when I took her out of the tank that her vent was swollen and reddish, not sure what that could mean. Today, I had one of the males also experience difficulty swimming. I separated him from the tank and he died shortly after. There were no apparent symptoms yesterday. Also, the fish sometimes have black/dark eyes. I looked this up, and it said it could be due to stress or the fish showing aggression so not sure about that either. Lastly, with less fish in the tank; the male guppies have been picking on each other's tails more. Could it be a bacterial infection that killed him? Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm pH: 6.8-7.2 GH: 150-300 ppm KH: 40 ppm Temp: 71-72 Jacob
  2. Dawn helped some. Razor blade was the key. Looks like some weird fiberglass coating. Thanks for the suggestions. 👍
  3. This is a used aquarium that was sitting in someone’s garage. Been trying to clean it with hot water and vinegar, but this purple haze keeps appearing as it dries. Kinda reminds of how polarized lenses are. It is definitely a residue of some sort because the glass feels different (less smooth) in areas that are purple. Any ideas on what it is/ how to get rid of it?
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