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  1. So this is my second tank I am setting up. My first tank had sand substrate and I used well water and got a massive algae bloom that nuked the tank and killed everything in it because I could not lower it or stop it. This current tank is a 10 gallon tank with gravel substrate. Its about 50 percent planted so far and I am slowly making it a fully planted tank. I have a co2 canister to install as well as I just got my plant fertilizer and tabs from aquarium co op. My filters a hang on back type and I am waiting the arrival of my new light and glass topper for the tank. I have a mixture of floating plants and planted plants so far though as our local stores get more plants I am adding to that. What I wonder is.. how often or when should I do a water change of 50 percent after adding live plants and removing fake ones? I do not want to accidently kill my live plants by doing one too soon. I also do not want to stress out my fishes either if I can avoid it. The tank currently houses 1 male betta, 1 rainbow fish, 3 assorted mollies, and a mini rainbow gourumi, as well as a plecostomus that i was given form someone who wanted out of doing fishies. The plecos about 3 1/2 inches long currently. I do think my male betta is possibly dying his tail looks like its been bit on, though I was very careful to choose tank mates that would get along with him. I never see him out eating though I do know hes alive as I see him hiding in the rock formation in the tank a good bit. I plan once i get this tank settled in more to reset up a hospital tank as well. My original hospital tank was accidently broken due to me tripping over my dog while cleaning it and dropping it. It was just a small 3 gallon tank that was plastic. I plan to buy a slightly larger glass tank to use for that though and during tax season I plan to upgrade my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon tank.
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