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  1. I'm checking in quickly on my break but I'll try to get a photo up later. I'm going for plants and hiding spots and picked Amanos since they're relatively large, hoping that'll deter the betta. Maybe I'll get the betta first and try to get a sense for whether he's chill or grumpy.
  2. Thank you, I feel foolish for forgetting the ammonia nitrifying step. I'll do that and make sure I've got enough bacteria going. Thank you for pointing this out.
  3. Hey all, I'm starting a tank trying the "add plants and get stuff to grow" method described in the video below. I always did fishless cycle in the past. What I'm not sure of is how fast I can go and have it really be safe for fish? I set up with plants and EcoComplete substrate last weekend. Added 2 doses of Easy Green this week. I also got some driftwood. It's only been a week and I've got what I think is hair algae and it looks like my water sprite is growing. Other plants seem happy but not noticeably changed. Is it really already safe to add fish? Stuff is definitely growing, but it's so soon after starting! I just tested the water parameters and other than being a little soft it seems safe: 0 Nitrate, 0 Nitrite, ~50 GH, 40-60 buffer, ~6.8 pH, 0 chlorine. I haven't changed the water yet. It's a 10gal and I am planning to add a betta, Amano shrimp, and a nerite snail. I'm getting a Wonder Shell too since the water is so soft. Thanks!
  4. After reading up on the links in this thread and some additional research, I'm going to set up for rams, probably Bolivian rams. Thanks everyone! And thanks Snoopy for being so ridiculously cute 🙂
  5. Thanks for pointing me towards rams! I found your journal last night @Chick-In-Of-TheSea and have been making my way through. I hadn't really considered rams but now they are on my short list. Snoopy is a cutie 🙂
  6. Awesome thanks! I love puffers from diving (saltwater) so I'd love to make either a solo puffer or a group of pea puffers work. Thanks for the input!
  7. Hey all, new to the forum, returning to the hobby after a few years away. I can't keep dogs/cats/birds/small mammals/etc. as pets so I really want a friendly, interactive "wet pet" fish friend. I'm starting a 40 gallon breeder which will be the largest tank I've done solo. I've had several bettas for that reason, they're great little buddies. I'd love an oscar but I'm not sure that I can get to a 75+ gal soon so I ruled them out. I sadly ruled out fancy goldfish because I'm worried about the health problems in fancies, and the sturdier varieties like comet and shubunkin won't fit in my 40gal. That has me to pea puffers and bettas again. Are pea puffers friendly and interactive? Do they greet owners / learn tricks / etc? They're so awesome to watch, for sure. Am I missing a good pet-type fish for a 40 gal? Otherwise I guess I'll get at least one betta and try to give him a life of luxury in his 40 gal with some betta-friendly community fish. Thanks!
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