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  1. I used NilcocG NA Thrive S All in one Fertilizer and just ran out of the stuff a week ago, but for dosage I only add in 10 pumps of liquid fertilizer once a week. Since its dosage is 1 pump per 5 gallons of water. I am thinking of switching to easy green instead since its cheaper 19.99 for 500ml compared to NilcocG 27.99 for 500ml.
  2. Hi I been using just liquid fertilizer for my planted tank for the last three years with some degree of success, as you can see from the photos. My plants have been thriving with my Tiger Lotus sending out runners and growing baby plants. But i been noticing that some of the leaves of the adult plants had pin holes in them before the leaves started to rot away with BBA growing on them. While pruning and removing these leaves have been my current solution, I want to know if this just a normal process of the plant getting rid of older leaves or should I consider also using root tabs as well as liquid fertilizer since I'm using sand for the substrate. Also you may notice some of baby plants showing similar issues but those were the ones that I had to cut off and replant away from the mother plant since they were not getting enough light. If you do recommend root tabs how many should I consider using in my 75 gallon tank?
  3. Hi as stated in the title is this shrimp going to be really expensive snack for these fish or they would be fine in heavily planted tank. Because I remember back when I had blue steel killie fish, they would attack a recently molted Amano shrimp. These shrimp not cheap ten dollars just for one medium sized or 2Inch adult and I really don't want to spend that much cash just for it to become an easy meal with either Apistogramma Agassiszii or the Aphyosemion australe killie fish. I already asked the seller, and they claim these shrimps are too big to become prey for either fish.
  4. Water flow shouldn't be an issue since I have tiger lotus that send up floating leaves are staying in place, due to a bit of java moss to buffering the water flowing out from my filters. So, in my case most of the healthy plants would be in the front of the tank since I got air stones set up in the back, anyways thanks for the advice.
  5. I wanted to ask because most of the information I found online suggests that red root floaters need to be in open tank is possible to keep them in a covered tank. Or the condensation from the lid would drip on the leaves causing them to rot?
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