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  1. I have been in the hobby a bit over 10 years. My Dad had an aquarium that was having a massive die off because of not quarantining new fish and he gave up and was just watching it die. I couldn't just watch, so I took it over and saved what I could with my limited knowledge. I started going to a LFS up the road from us to learn and buy medications. Turned out the guy running the store was Cory. This was well before the Co-op, and that store has been closed a few years now. I spent many hours pestering Cory and learning what I could. The store went downhill fast after Cory left, but I was hooked on the hobby and now have a house full of tanks. My favorite fish is dwarf chain loaches, just so much personality in a manageable size.
  2. I Had them breed in a 40 breeder with an aquaclear 110. I've kept them in pretty low flow tanks with no issues. They are really cool fish, but I wouldn't buy one expecting it to clean algae.
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