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  1. Not long, about a week I think. I got a second hand aquarium and I got him and some endlers as a gift, he was about two years old, at least that's what the guy who sold me the aquarium told.
  2. Hi, This morning I woke up to my albino pleco being dead. He seemed fine the night before, but I did notice that this morning, his nose had turned white (see picture). I immediately did a water change and added some general medicine for both fungi and bacteria as well as ich. Anything else I should do besides watch very closely? Does this look like fungi/bacteria or ich to you?
  3. Hi, My CPD seems to have large white/less colourful spots. He didn't have them before. It doesn't look like fungus, as it looks smooth and not fuzzy and it looks too large for white spot. He is acting okay, hiding quite a lot but nothing else, still eating. Two days ago my timer broke and the light was left on for like 3 hours longer than normally. Could it be stress? Or do you think it's a disease? Unfortunately I don't have any better pictures or videos than these, he is hiding and my aquarium has crazy reflection. He seems to be the only one affected, the others are very active. My parameters are: No3 - 10 No2 - 0 GH - 8 KH - 3 pH - 6.8 Cl2 - 0 Temp - 24 celsius
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