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  1. Thank you. We have 3 40's in the basement that are not level either... but I am not as worried because it's on a cement slab and a sump pump if there are any accidents
  2. Hello. My 75 gallon aquarium has been in place for 1 year since we moved into this house. It was in my apartment prior to this for 1 year. I keep a foam pad under the stand, and under the tank, to make up for the floor not being exactly level. I've noticed that the water level is not exactly level. According to my levels, it's not bad, but not perfect (pictures attached). Is it worth draining and putting shims under the stand, or should i leave it as it is? Thanks Dan
  3. Hi. First post here. I've been keeping fish for 3 years. I am a huge fan of Corey's YT channel. I have 4 tanks, and a just bought a house with a basement, where I am planning to set up 2 larger tanks :) In a 75 gallon planted tank, I have two Blood Parrots: 2.5 y/o female, and 1 y/o male (I think). Also in the tank is a 2 y/o male Electric Blue Acara, bosemani rainbows, barbs, and a few small clown loaches. I have noticed that my female BP and male EBA have been displaying what seems like mating behavior. Soon after the light turns off at night, I hear splashing. The male BP and EBA fight (sometimes the female BP gets involved). The more dominant EBA usually pushes the younger BP to the opposite side of the tank, then the EBA and the female BP swim down into a secluded area surrounded by rocks. The EBA bites the surface of a large flat rock and plants (crypts) around it. They take turns chasing off any fish that gets close, but always return to the "nest" The female BP hasn't laid eggs yet. She shimmys in the sand and swims sideways rubbing her belly on the flat rock. The EBA makes slow movements swimming sideways, fanning his fins out, rubbing against the BP, or nudging the BP with his mouth. Has anyone heard of these two hybrids breeding? It would be great if the babies turned out like the bosemani rainbows (half orange/half electric blue) .... I think it's more likely they would be deformed and quickly eaten by tank mates. Thanks for reading! Dan
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