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  1. I have a 40 Breeder, moderate to heavily planted. Stocking is 5 Honey Gourami, 4 Hillstream Loaches, and 10 Cherry barbs. I bought 6 of the cherry barbs from Petco about six weeks ago and quarantined them in a separate 10 gallon for a month and used the quarantine trio. They were healthy and active the whole time, with lots of chasing. I added them to my display tank last week, and the next day they showed white spots that spread to the other cherry barbs, so I started dosing Ich X. The white spots never spread to my gouramis and loaches, who have been acting normally the whole time. Meanwhile, the cherry barbs are hiding in a corner with clamped fins and white spots and ignoring food, as shown in the attached images. After a week of dosing Ich X 1 tsp per 10 gallons and doing 30% water changes every day, I'm wondering if this isn't ich, especially since my other fish have no spots and are acting normally. Any thoughts? Parameters: pH is 7.5, ammonia and nitrite are 0, nitrate is ~5 (usually higher for my plants, but with all the water changes it's really low), temp is 75.
  2. I got a strange 15 gallon tall tank from a friend for free. I am going to convert it into a lowboy-ish tank, 24" long- 16" wide- 8" tall. Total volume is around 13 gallons, but with a huge footprint for that low volume. What kinds of fish would do well in this? It is pretty shallow. I'm open to pretty much anything, just interested in what people may have tried in the past.
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