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  1. Thanks for that info. This makes me feel at ease.
  2. I need a bit of help. I’ve had this baby fahaka puffer for about 2 weeks now. He was purchased tank raised. I made sure to see him eat before buying him. He has a great appetite for snails and black worms. He will even eat an occasional vibra bite. But I’ve notice his poop is different than any other fish I have. He has lumpy strings of black poop. I assume the color is from the snails and black worms. But the texture and the fact there is always a piece hanging from him concerns me. I thought about internal parasites but I’m not too sure. Agin he was tank raised and the poop is not white. Does anyone have suggestions? Ph is 7.5, no nitrites, last weeks nitrates were less than 10ppm, temp is around 79-80. I have him in a 10 gallon quarantine tank for now. I Did the round of quarantine trio. I wanted to make sure things were fine before moving to his 75 gallon home. Is there something I’m missing or should do? I would say I’m a novice fish keeper. I have other puffers including two green spotted puffers and 4 figure 8’s. please help.
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