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  1. I replied, but it didn’t seem to save. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m not sure they are eggs. Upon further inspection, The brown inside the fuzz is soft. I’m thinking it might be fungus around poop? But I Turkey haste poop out of that bowl at least every 3 days, so it’s fast growing, if it IS algae!
  2. Is this algae or snail eggs? Any idea? Thanks so much in advance!
  3. I’m so sad. My 14 gallon community tank has been thriving. Shrimp mold regularly, I even have 10 baby antlers in a breeding net in there who are doing amazing as well. BUT... -One female Endler suddenly has a discoloration (possible Ich spot? Possibly not) - other Endler (The mama of the 10 babies) was doing some flashing last night. First time I’ve seen that. -this morning I did a 40% water change to lower nitrates and give them fresh water, and afterwards my betta, Who is usually super curious and always the first one up for food, went down into the plants when I fed them afterwards and just rested for a minute. I’m new to this hobby (since July). My tank was doing beautifully for about a month or so and I thought I was out of the woods. Now I really have no idea how to treat them! I do not have a quarantine tank. Thoughts?
  4. I do like nerites. They are possibly better workers, too from what I hear. I just don’t know why I have had such poor luck with them or mysteries in the past. Maybe I added them too early and the tank was not fully cycled yet? But I don’t honestly think that’s the case.
  5. Hi, I never have great success with merits or mystery snails in my tank. But I really want to try again with a snail because they’re cute as a button and to help clean the plant leaves. Water parameters today: ammonia - 0, ph - 7.6, nitrite- 0, nitrate - 40 (about to do a 25% water change). Don’t have a GH and KH test. I believe our well water is fairly soft so I’m thinking of adding a wonder shell to harden it up a little bit, but I’m really worried because the rest of my fish are doing so great. I even have 10 fresh new baby Endler’s as of Thursday! please, what are your thoughts on messing with a currently perfectly cycled and happy tank as far as adding a mystery OR nerite snail and using a Wondershell? Thanks in advance! T
  6. Thank you all! I think I’ll quarantine to be safe.
  7. Just went through a terrible time with fish and a snail dying in a new tank. Now it’s under control , tank is cycled, and I want to slowly start adding fish and a clean up crew, but I’m scared. My question is do you need to quarantine Amani shrimp and snails before adding like you do with fish? thanks!
  8. What's a sanity check? I'm checking MY sanity at this point. Yes, I'm using an Aqua Clear 20 that has the sponge, charcoal and ceramic beads.
  9. Man, getting frustrated that the. nitrites aren't decreasing. But I guess it'll take time. It took time to cycle initially.
  10. YES! I just watched it. He's so good! AND he was giving me ideas to create videos and post them on my Google Classroom pages for student on how to write constructed responses so they can watch it at home if needed. #teachermoment #thanksCory! Now if only there was a reason to use M&Ms to write paragraphs... See...me, too...that's why I was putting in smaller amounts during water changes. I'll read the post, thank you.
  11. Stability is the beneficial bacteria in a bottle. If I am re-cycling, I should probably add bacteria as if I were doing an original fish-in cycle, I'm thinking.
  12. I will watch this one. I have watched probably 15 videos on the nitrogen cycle as I was preparing to set up these tanks. DIDN'T know about it with my original 3.5 gallon when I put Arby (Betta) in there with just a dechlorinator. Then about a week later I learned about the cycle, came across Kaveman Aquatics' video on fish-in cycling, and did that, and thankfully it went great. Arby's tank cycled and he was doing great until I gave him ich. 🙄 I cycled the 14 gallon for a few weeks before putting fish in, and the water parameters for both tanks were pretty much identical. Now I have the nitrites and nitrates being stubbornly present in the 14 gal. BUT, here's my newest "aha" from watching and rewatching videos yesterday (this may be obvious to you guys, but it wasn't to me): I basically need to "recycle" the tank. As I've been doing my 30% water changes, I've been adding enough Prime to the refill buckets to dechlorinate the amount IN the buckets, and was hesitantly adding in a few drops of Stability to the buckets also in the hopes that a few more beneficial bacteria might help. NOW I'm thinking I need to look at it as if I'm doing a whole new fish-in cycle, right? Like, add in enough Prime and Stability to cover the FULL 14 gallons, not just the refill gallons, and hopefully in a week I will have a nicely re-cycled tank. What thinks ye?
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