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  1. Hey everybody! Here is an update! I am really leaning toward naponensis given the more developed spot on the dorsal and the bright gold triangle spot on the head. Thoughts? @Biotope Biologist @nabokovfan87 @anewbie @TheSwissAquarist @T. Payne @lefty o
  2. Do any of you think that this one is a serious contender? https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=431
  3. Hmm that is quite interesting, I will have to evaluate the photos based on these areas now. I did not think to look at those features before. I think that this is a great deal closer to an answer, and a very solid argument. I feel that the definition of the lateral stripes is quite pronounced more akin to Bilineatus. Here is another picture of the fins, even though it may not make a difference. I appreciate all of your comments. @Biotope Biologist what would you recommend in regard to getting a school? Will different species of Cory’s school together? While I would love to be able to breed them, I am more concerned about getting some other fish he will school with.
  4. @T. Payne what are the most common traits that help to distinguish Cory’s from each other? Patterns, snout length, fin shape, etc.?
  5. I wasn’t planning on taking him home, I just wanted to know what Petco would price them at! Haha He said $1 donation, I said “bag him up!” I think this is a great candidate because the stripes are so pronounced. I would not have identified the spots as a unique marker, I have been looking at the dorsal. From what I can tell, there isn’t much pattern, more of a slight black coloration toward the front. I just got the thought to take a picture back and see if the guy at Petco would be willing to send it to his vendor to see if they could ID it, so good idea!
  6. I am hoping to get him a bunch of friends with your help!
  7. Hello everyone, Could you all lend your collective knowledge to help me I.D. this Corydoras I picked up at Petco for $1 yesterday? The guy said it came in by mistake with a batch of Otos. I am betting on elegans or nanus. Thank you all.
  8. Yes I am feeding Hikari brand for that reason. Thank you.
  9. They all looked great, so that's why it's a mystery to me. That being said, it's also true that I did not closely inspect each one because I trust the second store I got them from.
  10. In regards to food, I placed frozen blood worms on the bottom of the tank with tweezers and observed them eating with no issues in both tanks. They have basically been hand fed blood worms since I got them. They don't tend to go after the blood worms per say, but if the cory's swim over the blood worms they will stop and gobble them up. Now that they are in the top tank, I try to put the blood worms on the catappa leaves just to make sure it's easy for them. There is no doubt that stress has played a key roll in this, and I have been testing pH all week via API. I have not noticed any fluctuation, but it's always a possibility. I can lower temp and nitrate for sure. I do 50% usually, so I can change more when I change water next. I dosed with easy green on Monday, and have been feeding heavier this week, so nitrates are rising faster than normal. You can see my java fern "garden" in the top tank where I grow out plant-lets. I got them from a different store this time.
  11. Hello, good to hear from you again. After the first three that died from my original batch of 7, I got 6 more from another store, and another 3 have died since. Hopefully now that I have posted all my parameters and tank pictures someone can spot what I am missing! I am that for them more than anything.
  12. I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I would be glad to move it if I can. I have three 20 gallons in a stack on a stand. The cory's were in the bottom tank, now they are in the top. The test results for the top tank that the cory's are in now is on the right, the tank they came out of results are on the left. Both tanks have the exact same parameters because I make my water and change it from a 55 gallon drum. pH is around 6.6, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and about 40 ppm nitrate. Temp in top tank is around 75-76, and the temp in the bottom tank is about 77. GH is about 150 in the top and bottom tank, and KH is about 60 in the top and bottom tank according to Co-op test strips. I had to retest for the strip on the right/top tank because KH was off: Here is the retest for the KH in the top tank: Comparison before full nitrate development in retest: Nitrate for bottom tank: Top tank: Bottom tank that they moved from with eco complete: Sponge filter in addition to internal canister: Top tank that they are in now: Sponge filter #1 in top tank: Sponge filter #2 in bottom tank:
  13. Hey BAT, I have this problem in my 29 gallon, and while shrimp and snails are great, I have had great success by reducing the amount of light I give the tank. I have the light on a regular analog timer, and I have it set to give light 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, with a break in the afternoon. I have had this going for a few weeks now and the algae has significantly decreased. In combination with cherry shrimp or olive nerite snails, the algae should quickly dissipate. Good luck! 411fishkeeping
  14. Julia, I recently purchased some Metae corys and found myself in the EXACT same situation… Cory's dying for unknown reasons… It's so frustrating! I purchased from two stores as well, and each day it's like a find another one dead. I just have to get to the bottom of this! You can see my posts here in Diseases and here in General. Tank looks great also!
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