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  1. Hi guys thanks for the tips, the temperature has never been a problem until now and I even ordered a new heater and kept my betta in my room in a separate container since I had a heater in my room. Unfortunately he did not make it overnight. I'm just super upset because ultimately the temperature couldn't stay up overnight in the tank (it would drop to 70 and then later in the day go up to 76). Do you guys have any brand recommendations for heaters just in case I get a new fish?
  2. I've had my betta since July, so it's been about 5 months. I haven't had any problems until now. It's pretty cold now and I noticed that the heater I have in the tank isn't working as well, most likely because of how cold it's been and my fish isn't eating. I'm not really sure if I should get a bigger heater or move it out of the back compartment of the tank and actually put it in the main area. I'm iffy on adding another heater since my tank only holds 3 gallons. Another thing that I noticed is we was trapping himself under the piece of wood in his tank, and he never did that before (I'm sure this is how he tore his tail) I'm really don't know what to do, so I would appreciate some advice. Thank you!
  3. There was a blackout in my neighborhood last night and I'm scared it could've killed the bacteria in my tank. Yesterday before the blackout I had about 1ppm of ammonia and I checked again when the power came back on and it was completely gone.
  4. My fish is gonna come in a week, do you think that's too long to wait? And will my tank "cycle" faster if it already went through the initial cycle?
  5. should i add more ammonia to make my nitrates go up or should i juts leave it?
  6. To my knowledge, having some nitrates in your tank is good. I've been cycling my tank for almost 3 weeks and I tested my water 2 days ago and had 0ppm ammonia & nitrite, along with 5ppm nitrate. I just tested it and saw I have 0ppm nitrate. I don't have a fish in it yet, but I do have lots of live plants. Is this normal?
  7. Will a small amount (1 cup) of chlorinated water, compared to the 3 gallons of water the tank holds kill the beneficial bacteria in my tank? I don't think it does, but I just want sone confirmation!
  8. 2.0ppm nitrite I also already have lots of live plants in my tank
  9. All of my parameters are perfect except for the nitrites. I've been doing my own research on whether or not doing water changes during a cycle is beneficial, but there's mixed answers. I ordered a betta fish online a few days thinking that all my parameters would be perfect when he arrives. Unfortunately I don't have an extra tank to hold him in if my nitrites don't go all the way down to 0 by the time he gets here so should I do a water change? Maybe dose the tank with seachem prime?
  10. I've heard of people using pantyhose as a diy media bag for their tanks. Most of them only mention the nylon component being safe in your tank, but not spandex. Does anyone know if spandex is safe?
  11. Hey guys! I'm new to fish keeping and I am currently cycling my tank. This may be a dumb question, but I don't know the answer. Naturally, condensation happens and lowers water levels in the tank, so I am wondering if topping off my tank with dechlorinated water is okay. Will it disrupt my cycle?
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