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  1. I have a Black Dragon Plakat appears to be juvenile-ish and healthy, very strong and quick swimmer. I did not think it was normal for Bettas to enjoy current/flow. Pugsley roams the WHOLE tank, he even hurls himself into my diy "flow damper" (suction cup soap dish) to check that out for a bit. Just doesn't seem to avoid HOB water flow. Is he just an odd-ball? My guess is yes, but does anyone know if this is normal-ish for Plakats. Thank you!! Temp-79f . I test regularly (min 1/wk, sometimes more). water changes when Nitrate hits 25-30ppm or 2wks to tidy up
  2. I did the same thing, basically, and purchased a UV sterilizer. It worked great. I do have a question though, do you have to leave it in long term? I was thinking about leaving it running for one week of clear water then taking it out. Thanks, LW
  3. Duh...l am running around trying to get ready for dinner out (late as usual for me) and I didn't even think of that! I appreciate your help, even if I was being a dufus. You have a great Friday Night!
  4. I just received my plant shipment, going to dinner in 20 minutes. Everything looks great, will they hold until tomorrow morning or should I plan working until the "wee hours". FYI it got here in two days...so they haven't been in the box too long. Thank you
  5. Thank you, Yep, I bet it will oxidize and turn green just like it does in air. Probably not worth risk to the tank's flora and fauna.
  6. This does not react with white vinegar, however I am concerned about putting copper ore into the tank. I am not even sure it is water soluble. It is small and kinda cool looking plus it has some sentimental value. The pieces pictured are NOT mine but closely represent what I have. Does anyone know more about this? Thank you
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