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  1. Can I keep my lemon bristlenose in with breeding angels, I tried corys and that didnt work well for the corys, thought they would get along better to keep bottom cleaner. it was a little amusing watching them go around and around the plant, but had to remove them. recently went to bare bottoms in my tanks which does result in a little more work to keep it looking "Dean Clean"😁
  2. Thanks Zenzo, Yes thats kinda what I was thinking. I have several pairs and they all are raising their own fry, right from their 2nd spawns. I'd like to think I had a little something to do with it, I kept them with the group of 20 or so angels and let them defend their first spawn, which they did their best but where unsuccessful, then put them in their own tanks. now the amount that spawn and the amount that make it is a little disheartening but they are the strongest survivors, and I though these babies maybe a little more desirable is I guess a better word then value.
  3. Is there any additional value to parent raised angel fish? Or parents that raise their fry?
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