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  1. Thank you….I kind of figured those are binding agents
  2. Have been re-reading the ingredients (aka ‘fine print’ )in some foods I received recently with used tank: am I being overly concerned/picky, when I don’t like seeing ‘wheat gluten’, ‘cornstarch’, ‘ground brown rice’, ‘potato protein’, …etc? And what the heck is ‘dried fish protein digest’?
  3. Well, then he would need new tankmates as well, no?! ah hahaha
  4. Thank you both! I kinda thought this was the case.....appreciate your input. Darn...MAY need another tank...oh, shucky darn 😉
  5. Query: How comfortable are these Eels in a cichlid tank? New addition 'Ziggy', seems to be doing OK after 6 weeks, but want to make sure he (she?) is content. The Brichardii Cichlids he is housed with occasionally nip/chase, but I never see any significant damage...Ziggy seems to ignore most everyone else, 'cause he's THAT cool! 😉 Am not sure he is pleased with substrate, which is part 'natural' gravel/pebbles and specialty cichlid bio-mix, with shells...I do see him rooting about in the substrate, but think he might be happier with sand? That said, he loves to hang out in the floating Hornwort: looks like he's hanging out in a hammock! But, would he be better in a community tank with tetras, corys, snails, etc?
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