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  1. Gotcha on the politics, it's a good policy as politics can and have ruined forums! I was going to be going through more of Paulo Coelho's works but then remembered that I had been wanting to read Michael Crichton's books for years. So I started listening to Prey. Almost finished and I'm not sure what to think of Crichton so far. I enjoy a mix of technical, scientific subjects if they're explained right and blended well in a good story. Andy Weir did this the best in The Martian. So far Crichton has done a good job as well, I just don't think his writing style is the best. I'm sure I'll still go through his other works though.
  2. A tad off topic, but I never really liked ants until I started watching a YouTube channel called Ants Canada. The guy is super enthusiastic about ants and has many colonies of different species. He uses a high quality camera to show the inner-workings of colonies. I now have a HUGE respect for ants and have never looked at them the same since. If you check out his channel, his earlier videos are the best imo.
  3. Finished Gwendy's Button Box trilogy. I really enjoyed the story but felt it was a bit soiled by King's personal feelings against Trump. He's always had some politics in his writings that he's managed to blend in subtly and tastefully, but this was different. It was blatant and didn't do anything to compliment the story, quite the opposite imo. Just finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Very nice listen, I think I'll go through more of his books.
  4. Started the trial on Scribd and started Gwendy's Button Box. First book is a good listen, I'm about halfway through the 2nd and it started slow but now it's picking up. I hear the last part of the 3rd book is a love letter to Dark Tower fans, looking forward to that. But I really like the idea of the box so far, it almost reminds me of The Bends o' the Rainbow. Also I wouldn't be surprised if it were made my North Central Positronics lol.
  5. IT was dark and had some crazy stuff but the whole time I knew what the antagonist was and the fact that the book had a big sci-fi element to it gave some levity to the situation for me. Yeah, that demon scene was crazy, I can see how it would turn off some people for sure lol. Same with the sex scene in IT, that was uncomfortable to read. What the hell King lol?!? That dude has a big, beautiful but effed up brain lol! I totally get you on that! I'm really empathetic and if a character is well written I can easily get in their head. That's the main reason I stay away from that type of content. How do you like Scribd? I never heard of it till you mentioned it now. It seems like the Netflix of audiobooks, is that correct? I typically use Audible but only get a credit a month and I'll be honest I'm too cheap to buy every book I want to listen too haha. It would add up too quickly for me.
  6. Personally I don't enjoy books that explore the ultra dark side of humanity. King does the same in some novels, but many of his stories mix in the supernatural element and those books I'm good with and love. That's why I don't read authors like Jonathan Kellerman and James Patterson. The last book by King that I had to put down and didn't finish was Rose Madder; it really focuses too much on the horrors of domestic violence and the psychopath dishing it out. Too dark for me... If you want to try some of his fantasy/horror stuff with focus on fantasy and supernatural I could suggest a few. I'm still exploring his works so keep that in mind. IT - VERY dark book. Imo, he does a masterful job creating a town that has a sickness of the soul. If you've seen the movies you get the plot, the book isn't too different plot wise but one thing the movies didn't capture is the darkness of the town and why the antagonist was so attracted to it. Big book, it's a journey so be prepared. The Stand - Has a underlying religious factor, most of his books do, some more subtly than others. But this is pretty much an end of days, good vs evil book. As with IT, the story brings in a diverse cast of protagonists that join together to fight the ultimate fight. Another big book, but like IT I never felt it was too long. The Dark Tower collection - This includes books 1-7 and an interlude called The Wind Through the Keyhole. This is imo King's best work. There's fantasy, science fiction, a western, horror all rolled into one. Many character's from his other works appear in this one. It was my introduction into the King Multiverse (yes, after reading this you realize that's a thing) and got me hooked on his works. The Shining and Doctor Sleep - One of his early works (1970s) and still holds up to this day. A story of a haunted hotel, a broken family and isolation. Vintage King horror here. Followed up just a couple years ago with the sequel Doctor Sleep, I'm not sure The Shining needed it but it worked and I loved it! All these books are his early works with the exception of The Dark Tower which were published from the early 80s to the early 2000s. If you start with some of these you'll realize why people love him. If none of these resonate with you, maybe he isn't for you and that's cool too.
  7. I'm so excited for you haha! The snake-like quality and underlying evil of Flagg's voice is chilling. Bronson Pinchot really knocked it out of the park. Right?!? It's a criminally overlooked gem! I try to spread the word whenever I can.
  8. It's sooo good. It's told sort of like a fairy tale. IIRC he had written it for his daughter. If you liked Wind Through the Keyhole, its in the same tone. Randal Flagg is the antagonist and I do recommend the audiobook, it's narrated by Bronson Pinchot and he does a masterful job in this. Some parts are just chilling! I just Googled a synopsis of Gwendy's Button Box, seems real interesting. I'll definitely check that out!
  9. I love the Dark Tower series, read through the physical books twice and listened to the audiobooks twice as well. Have you also read/listened to The Eyes of the Dragon? I usually listen to that one after I finish the Dark Tower series as there are tie ins with the universe. Also finished The Talisman series a few months back, great books with also tie-ins to the DT universe.
  10. I just finished How to Win Friends and Influence People, many references are dated but the core principles are still good. Btw, I didn't actually "read", I listened to the audiobook. I don't have much free time so audiobooks are a must for me.
  11. Hello all, I've just recently gotten back into the hobby after 10 years or so thanks to all the Aquarium Co-Op YouTube videos lol. I now have 2 tanks, a 20G planted with a 1 male Betta, 1 SAE, 12 Chili Rasboras, 4 Amano shrimp and a ton of snails. I also have a 6G that I really know know what to do with but it's got plants (and snails) so far. I lurk here sometimes but decided to just make an account and say Hi! 🖐️
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