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  1. Getting Brazilian pennywort soon and just want to get some advice for adding it to my lightly planted (2 anubias, Jaba fern), 10gallon tank, with a betta. Not fully comfortable with the bleach method as I have read alot of bad experiences.
  2. So I put -6 because the master test kit only goes as low as 6 so it could be under? I have two anubias and one Java fern in my 10gal. I was hoping to get a betta so the Ph should be around 7
  3. Got my first 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 15nitrate reading after dosing ammonia. Dosed again to double check prior to adding fish, both ammonia and nitrites were zero but nitrates were around 30. Did a 20% water change with a bucket that’s treated with prime and has been sitting for about a week. Checked everything today and 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, and Ph -6. My Ph has consistently been at 7 in the tank so I got concerned with the drop. Check my tap and it’s 7.4. Checked the bucket and it’s -6. Anyone else have the same issues with sitting water? What do I do now? I got crushed coral coming to hopefully save my cycle?
  4. Currently fishless cycling in a 10 gallon tank with two anubias and one Java fern. Added ammonia to 3ppm. Waited for a drop and rise in nitrites, which happened two days ago. Added more ammonia two days ago and this is my reading this morning. 0ammonia 5+nitrite? and maybe 3nitrate? Do I wait for nitrite to drop to add more ammonia? Do I add more ammonia? Did I ruin/slow down my cycle? Do I do a water change to lower nitrite?(I have chloramine out of the tap but I have had a bucket sitting for about a week that’s treated with prime) thank you to all that have already helped me and sorry if I’m pumping too many questions ❤️
  5. My cycle has started and I got my first drop in ammonia from 3ppm to .75ppm and a nitrite reading of 5ppm using the master kit. I’m following a guide that told me to add a second dose of ammonia. however, I’ve found another guide that says wait until readings are 0 to add another dose. Did I just ruin my cycle?
  6. Once BB is established, I introduce a fish, and begin my water changing cycles.. anything extra that I should be doing other than dosing prime? My BB should take care of it in time before it becomes a concern? thabks for all your help ❤️
  7. Tap Tank Might’ve messed up the original tap test/ over exaggerated? My tank looks to be 2ppm now?
  8. I’m using the master test kit. Will post a reply picture soon.
  9. I have fritzzyme 7 but waiting to start dosing ammonia. Thanks for the plant info! 😀
  10. Hello! Recently got a new 10gal tank. It has a HOB filter, substrate, heater, one Java Fern and two anubias(no fish yet). I filled up the tank with tap water, added seachem prime and let it run for 24hours. Tested the parameters and I got a reading of 1ppm of ammonia (ph is 7.0). I retested 3 days later and am still getting an ammonia reading. Is this an issue? I have liquid ammonia and want to start the cycling process but don’t want to overdose. Also, plants are safe in the tank with cycling right? Edit: I tested my tap water and got a super high reading of ammonia. Kinda skeptical about that. I’ve read that chloramine could be causing the ammonia readings?
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