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  1. they look great!...would love to get a tank in a few classrooms so much for students to learn
  2. Hi...I am very new to Etsy and haven't updated much info about our project and i am still learning how to post items 😬. I have included some information about our school club in item listings but due to privacy I can't provide much more information until I get further approval from our Head Office at the Dioceses. This is not a public club but rather a school based enrichment and engagement group.
  3. Hi all, Please remove if this is not allowed. I am a teacher at Secondary School in regional Victoria (Australia) and have started a fish club at my school. The aim of the club is to reengage students after what was a very rough few years with COVID. Victoria was one of the most lockdown states in the World! I have started to fund the fish club myself by setting up a Platy and a White Cloud Tank. I would like to expand and provide more resources and tanks for about 20 students who have joined. We are having trouble getting support as we have no local fish clubs or fish stores. The address this we have some very talented students who have drawn a range of Aquarium Fish posters and digital prints which look fantastic in a Fish Room or displayed with tanks. If you would like to support our students and get a great looking print we would really appreciate anyone having a look at our Etsy Store: SomethingFishDesign | Etsy Australia Once again please remove if not allowed and thanks in advance if anyone can help us out.
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