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  1. Thank you everyone I'm going to give that a shot
  2. Hey everyone, Hopefully someone can share some knowledge with me. I have had my tank for 6 months and seem to be a pro at killing java fern. People preach that it is an easy plant but I have no such luck. Even before I introduced the grow light 3 months in I was definitely seeing signs of it dieing back aswell. All the other plants seem to be doing well. Many different types of anubias all growing slowly and others aswell. But for whatever reason my java ferns keep dieing. My narrow leaf variety is very slow growing once I started fertilizer. My needle leaf and windelov variety no luck just dieing back and constantly splitting into baby ferns that die aswell. Water Parameters 7.8ph 80 Fahrenheit Hyger grow light set to 24/7 setting Dose 2/3 per week flourish & flourish potassium Most feed flakes and brine shrimp NO CO2 No substrate Guppy & snail tank.
  3. That's crazy that your tap water is so high ph. I wonder how someone would lower it. Gravel is pretty high 4 inches. I was dosing every 24 hours or 36. On the bottle says you can dose up to 5 times safely.
  4. Update for everyone, been testing my water daily. Great news nitrites are finally down and rapidly. Went from 5ppm nitrites at 8:00pm then this morning 1ppm at 11:00am. To say I'm relieved and excited would be an understatement. Also nitrates also going down which means my plants are doing their job.
  5. Yes all fish still swimming and looking good, eating, normal swimming. I have been treating the water with seachem prime every day. The tap water parameters are 7.8ph 0.25 ammonia ppm 0 nitrite also using gravel for the substrate
  6. Ya I definitely don't want to add any more fish until it gets more stable, also when would have never guessed that tap can have nitrites.
  7. Hello Everyone I was wondering if I could get some experienced minds help. Been cycling my tank for a couple of weeks now. I currently have a couple of guppies and been dosing prime and stability everyday. Ammonia has been 0 ppm for about 2 weeks now (API mastestest kit) but my nitrites have sky rocketed and been holding 5ppm ever since, I'm guessing its been higher. My nitrates were increasing at a fast rate as well 40ppm to 80ppm three days after taking the 40 ppm reading. I have done one 60% water change after reading the 80ppm nitrate and introduced many plants (3 java ferns, 6 anubias, 1 moss clump). Nitrites were still 5ppm after the change the interesting part is that the nitrates have held constant if anything slightly raised over 2 weeks (nitrites still 5ppm). I'm guessing my cycle has stalled or the plants have been doing a good job keeping the nitrates low. Any suggestions, water changes, do dont anything 7.8ph 29 gallons 77 degrees F, HOB filter, and airstones.
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