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  1. Yes it does, and the products in the tank are: - Tetra aquasafe(Dechlorinator) - Flourish Advance (1.25 amount of dose to maybe slightly speed up plant growth) - Xtreme Betta fish food (one scoop) - 2 snails - One Nerite One Apple
  2. Hey Cory (I watched your videos :D) Yes- I followed directions and even timed the one minute. I read other posts about the same thing and did leave my test strip elevated on tongs as you can see in the picture, with the same results. The Baking soda test, at least I think, really showed that the test strips were flawed, so after talking to customer support I did get a replacement. Other then this one problem, I love the store a lot and left a review :)) Thank so much everyone for helping!
  3. Just did- they already responded! Thank so much Andrea for the support though 🙂
  4. Alright so I put ALOT of baking soda in the water- And absolutely no change. I looked it up, there definitely should be some change at least! I'm not sure what to do next
  5. Thanks I'll try that right now and get back to you (Also thanks so much for the help- its much appriciated) The results were the same in the local pet store tank- I sent a photo of their tanks results in my post 🙂 I feel like its probably the test strips being faulty
  6. Sure ill try baking soda water- what results am I looking for? Also no, I have not left the container open at all and followed instructions directly. PS:I forgot to add its not my local fish tanks water- its my local pet stores water xD
  7. Hi- I recently bought the aquarium coop test strips and they repeatedly showed the exact same test numbers for a few days through my cycle. I got a bit confused- as it seemed like my tank was cycling properly so I tested my local fish tanks water. The test strip showed everything on the lowest number again at the fish store! (I can guarantee their water is cycled 😅)! What should I do? Edit: The photo of the test strip Thanks so much Arry
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