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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates. They are doing wonderful! Very active and look good. I just need to add some more fish to the tank. Plus since 2 died before I rescued them from the bar I'm thinking of trying to find two more. Not sure on that though.
  2. Here we go, just took a quick video. Thanks again to everyone with your suggestions and help! Hopefully video plays for you guys!
  3. So far so good gang! The one that was looking real rough is doing better. Eyes are slowly looking better, he's swimming around with the other 3 more and more and I even saw him eating some crumbs out of the gravel. The colors are coming through on all the fish, my wife thought they were all getting sick because she's never seen them with good color. Been feeding variety of foods, krill flakes, dried shrimp, frozen blood worms even tried algae wafers which they all snubbed of course. Here is the latest picture. I'll try and get a video and better pics loaded. This is like the 3rd time I've tried to update everyone but I didn't like the pictures I took. So here's all I got at the moment 😆 Oh ya, I'm probably going to pull the HoB and put another sponge filter in. Thoughts?
  4. Here are a couple of pics. Sorry it's a bit dark, I'm still trying to keep this as stress free as possible for them while they heal up. I'm seeing fin damage on a couple and Popeye on both eyes of one and on one eye of another. The one with Popeye on both is still swimming with a bit of a list to port. I'm certain I can get them healed up, probably gonna keep lights off for awhile and just let whatever natural light do its thing for now. Even the one that is looking the roughest is starting to swim more with his tank mates. Water test this afternoon shows a smidgen of nitrates! Using the sponge filter and clay pot from the other established tank is helping it appears. Last pic is the water conditioner that they were using. Thoughts on that? Safe to use or just dump it and stick to something better?
  5. I've never seen a heater rust like this. Gonna trash it next time I get in the restaurant/bar so no one else tries to clean it up to reuse.
  6. Ya, I wasn't excited about the product they were using for dechlorinating. I mean it said that was one of the things it did. But just not sure how long they've had that giant bottle sitting under the tank. If I remember I'll try and get a pic of it and post it here. At least the ammonia reading was zero on that test. Heh
  7. I'm not sure if it's moving around. If the HOB pushes enough water through it might be moving around in there. I'll check tomorrow. Don't want to stress these silver dollars anymore than I have and turn on a light right now. One of them has just kinda laid at the bottom since putting them in almost 2 hours ago. 😔
  8. I thought up a little extra filtration while I was was waiting for a few more things I needed to do with my new 75gal. I am using a HOB as an emergency filter while I figure out what I want for filtration. (This is from my bar tank rescue thread, saving the silver dollars or at least trying). Anyways I have a problem of throwing things away and I kept the little planter containers some of my plants came in. I also had just a few leftover quartz rings I bought awhile back just sitting in a drawer in the bottle still. I put the rings into one planter container, then decided to put two together, then linked them together with some lead weights and dropped it into the HOB behind the filter pad I have in there at the moment. Just figured I'd share with you all, since you guys have been very helpful with all of my questions and very awesome suggestions in helping me in trying to rescue these silver dollars.
  9. Ok, got them all packed up, brought them home. About to put them in tank. ( I don't have much of a choice at this point. I can't leave them in 5gal bucket. 1st pic is test strip from their old tank, next one is from the new one I just set up. The wood in the tank is from their old tank while the fake clay pot is from my well established 55gal. Brought over some algae balls that were attached as well. Just a HOB running with some biimed filter pad is all for now. Gonna put sponge filter in tank here shortly as well from the 55. (It already has a decent canister filter going so shouldn't hurt the 55.) Oh, the brown/burnt looking heater was from the old bar tank. Not sure what was going on there. No, I'm not going to be using that. Heh last two picks are the rocks I bought from home depot and what I had to do to secure the fish for the ride home in the jeep. Don't worry. They had fun, I asked!
  10. Well, I decided on a 75gal. Found a really nice furniture piece my wife was admiring for a stand. Now just rocks/substrate are the only things i need to buy. I think im gonna try local hardware store (home depot) for that. Gonna use tank water from my other tanks and going to steal one of the sponge filters from my 120 to get this tank up and running in a hurry. I was just told because of "reasons" I need to get the fish out of the bar tonight.
  11. Sorry for no update in awhile. Well, things were going good with the tank. Been feeding them better food checking on water conditions every couple weeks. Seemed to get rid of the crap on their eyes. Thwn it would come back, then it would clear up. So hard to get over there and spend time on this tank. I had my wife using dechlorinator when adding water. Water changes are hard to get done there. Now within the last couple days just lost a fish due to bad water or stress I believe. Friday one of them had real bad white cloud over his eye and he wasn't eating. Wife just texted me and said he died within the last two days. This tank is super neglected. Sits next to a door that's left open, employees say they are hitting the tank by accident with advertisement flag poles coming in and out all the time. Wife says it's time to bring them home. Gonna go spend some money to rescue these guys. Suggestions on best tank size for 4 silver dollars? Height and length minimums?
  12. Another week has gone by since last photos were taken. Water looks good today, fish are active. I have noticed two of the silver dollars never go after the flakes, but they don't look starved. Not sure if they are a different type or just more picky or maybe shy about eating in front of me. Heh Anyways I figured I'd send a quick update. I may have to wait another week before moving the tank. Which makes me sad. So many things I want to do, but not until we move it. Quick video
  13. I got these from the discount "bin"/tank at my LFS. They didn't have a label and I forgot to ask what they are when I bought them. Not sure if stems go in the sand/substrate or glued to a rock/log out of the substrate. Any help would be great. I may have found it Nesaea Crassicaulis?
  14. Here's a better pic. Never saw the moss until now. Guess it was barely hanging on in the poor water condition. Maybe like grass in a yard, kind of went dormant? I think I'll pull the lettuce out tomorrow.
  15. Well, this pic was taken two days ago but it looked the same yesterday. They haven't touched the lettuce. My wife said she saw them all huddled around the lettuce just staring at the it. Heh Maybe I'll bring in some frozen food. They are eating the Xpress krill flakes, so they are eating. Also, there appears to be some plant starting to grow on the log. Maybe some moss? I'm not sure. I'll try and get a better pic.
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