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  1. Barely got started, had a technical glitch, and have had to start from scratch. Put most of my intro information into my profile (About Me). I really appreciate all the "Welcomes" that I had within minutes of joining this forum so looking forward to the information and support that members of this forum provide.

    I currently have 3 tanks - 45, 20, & 10 gallons. The 45 & 20 have been stable for almost 3 months. I started setting them up 8-9 months ago. In June I purchased 2 German Gold Rams. They are part of a community tank that they share with 1 Koi Marble Angel, 12 Gold White Clouds, 1 Red Honey Gourami, 6 Otocinclus, & 5 Panda Corys. 

    They were all doing find until yesterday. The Rams both appear to be male and they have done a good job of tolerating each other with an occasional chase. Plenty of hiding spaces with rocks, driftwood, plants, and caves. The 1 has been more dominant but he has never fin nipped or caused any damage. But last night, from across the room, I happened to see 1 of the Rams go from the top of the tank to the bottom, in 1 smooth move. And just sit there. And he was breathing fast. I knew he was in distress, had no idea what caused it, and no idea what to do. As I stepped away the other Ram did something I've never observed before - in him or any other fish. He came over to his buddy and nudged him. Gently. And he just hovered over him and around him. If I got close to try to take a picture he would run. And as soon as I was far enough away, he would come back. I tried several times to get that picture but every time he would leave and then come back when I would leave. I finally decided to move him to a quarantine tank but he didn't make it. 

    John & Lisa (KGTropicals) had warned us that we could become attached and actually feel bad when our fish die. I really wasn't expecting that. And I really felt bad. 

    So, I have no idea what caused his death. There had been no signs of ill health, no changes to the tank. I had cleaned the canister filter 5 days ago. No other fish is showing any signs of distress. I tested the water again and nothing had changed. And I know, these things happen and we aren't always able to find the cause. But I will be watching the rest of the community very closely for the next few days.

    45 gallon, Fluval 307, Fluval UVC, Hygger 36" LED
    20 gallon, Tidal 35, Hygger 24" LED
    10 gallon, Hygger Sponge, Hygger 18" LED

    *Note: I love Hygger products. I have never received any free products, or been paid to advertise. And they make a great quality Aquarium Cleaning Tool Kit!


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