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Light Intensity schedule for new plants

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Hello All,

I am currently setting up my first aquarium and am trying a planted aquarium. I have watched and listened to so many guides and tutorials recently that I am forgetting where I found things, didn't think it was important at the time, or couldn't write it down.

I thought I found at least two sources that said not to put full intensity light on your brand new plants. To start them off at like 30% and ramp up 25% each week. I am trying to find that guide again so that I am not under lighting my brand new plants. I have been trying to find it for the past 3 hours and am only finding general guides about lighting on established tank. If anyone knows of the guide I am talking about, I would be most grateful if you could link me to it. 

Thank you,


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23 hours ago, bwar said:

Thank you for that struggle. Sadly I planted them already so I will not be able to follow his guidance. His tank also look fairly bright wonder if he even turns them down.

Lots of smart folks to help you get lighting dialed in on the forum.

I assume a lot of times the tank is set to look its best on camera and may not be how its running all the time. I was even surprised to learn some aquascape competitions are photo entries - in hindsight it makes sense; you cant really take a tank of that caliber to a competition - but in my mind that makes it as much of a photography competition as it is a tank competition. Lighting is perfect, equipment is stripped out, etc.   

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