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What size sponge filter should I use?

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Hi, I have a 29 gallon tank that uses a HOB filter. The HOB I have is sufficient to filter my tank by itself, but I would like to get a sponge filter as a back up since the HOB came with the tank in a starter kit. I’m not sure how reliable it is. Also, to help with gas exchange instead of just an air stone. I would also like to know how big of a sponge filter will the usb nano air pump run? I could just get 2 pumps and connect them with a tee but if one will run a medium filter effectively, then I will have no need for 2. I haven’t stocked my tank yet. I still need to cycle it. I’m finishing building the stand for it. Just want to get all my ducks in a row. Thank you!

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Hi. Well, if this is just a supplemental filter and you plan on keeping the HOB which you say manages the tank fine on its own- then I say get what you want. One thing to consider with sponge filters is the more gallons they're good for the bigger they're going to be and more intrusive in your tank. Since you don't neeeed a filter to work the whole 29 gallons you could go with one suited for a 20 gallon for example and it won't be huge. I've attached a pic to show you size differences at least with one brand. Others may be different. 


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