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Honey Gourami - safe with cherry shrimp?

Dawn T

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Hi, I haven't had any experience with honey gouramis, but I have had a betta and cherry shrimp. It would probably depend on the personality of the fish, for my betta he doesn't really care, except when they move too quickly, when he chases after them. If need be the cherry shrimp can dart away rather quickly, although it's likely stressful for them so I would still try to avoid having too much of that. Maybe try adding the shrimp first so that the gourami doesn't feel like they're invaders to their space? Also the bigger the tank the better so they have more space, and dense plants or hardscape as hiding places is probably good too.  In my opinion it can definitely be done, however a bit of extra planning is probably a good idea. 

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Good question, and I agree with @FlyingFishKeeper. Here is how I would set this up: (1) stack small rocks in the back 2x corners of the tank. Small, round landscaping pebbles will do. This will provide bulletproof shelter for shrimp. (2) drop in a load of Java moss to the tank bottom and back. Shrimp really benefit from moss and the microlife it sustains. (3) Add at least 12x adult shrimp, and allow them to establish their space for a few weeks. (4) Add a pair of small honey Gourami, along with a school of small Tetras (glow lights, bloodfins, etc).

The shrimp numbers will stay low. Gouramis will eat whatever fits in their mouth. But there will be enough shelter for some to make it. 

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