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1 hour ago, HanaHoo808 said:

Ughh if only you were in Hawaii!! I’ve been wanting some koi angels for a while!! Beautiful! I have 4 veils I just got hopefully I get one pair out of them but yours look beautiful!😍

Haha ya sorry!  They are beautiful, I've enjoyed having them... Its hard because I want to keep so many of them LOL.

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59 minutes ago, Kittkat1981 said:

I have some small angels coming.  The gentleman I got them from says they are only eating baby brine. Is the co-op fry food small enough or do I need to get a brine shrimp hatcher?

I would think you'd be fine with the co-op fry food, or crumble up some good protein based flake really good.  They would have to be super crazy small that they couldn't handle the other foods.  I mix mine pretty quick with dry food as its more normal to what they are going to eat (and I can only hatch so much brine/day lol).

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