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Well today I collected mosquito larvae from my outdoor tubs.

Definitely one of the grossest things I’ve done for my fish. The way they wiggle... eeeEEEeee.

They really, really liked them though. Even Dad Fish, who’s currently guarding babies and almost never eats, had a round belly tonight!



@Daniel I hope you’re proud of me. 😄 The whole time I was thinking, “This is what Daniel would do!”

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Well earlier this week when it was nice and warm, I decided I was going to go ahead and order platys for the ponds. I was getting nervous about the mosquito larvae turning into clouds of mosquitos, even while I did my best to collect some every day. So I made my first Aquabid order and also ordered from a different online seller. (Aqua Huna doesn’t sell platys 😭)

Then the temperatures dropped again and the water in the tubs got down into the 50’s. So when the first order of fish arrived today—two days earlier than I expected! 😬—we had to move the tubs inside real quick.

So here they are, in the kitchen, extra cloudy since they got sloshed around. I’ll be hanging some lights from the shelf soon.


We had to drain the water half way so we could move them and then fill them up again. I got to see the dwarf aquarium lily bulb I got a while back, and it looks like it’s sprouted! 😃

Thank goodness also for Aquarium Co-op test strips so I could quickly test the water the fish came in, and make sure the tubs matched as close as possible in terms of pH and hardness.

One tub has gold-bodied platys and the other has neon blue-bodied platys. I have some variety among them (tuxedo, wag, red tail) to keep things interesting. At the end of the summer, I’ll be moving the best of them into the 55 gallon breeding setup.

It was really fun getting new fish. Platys are so cute. My husband liked them right away, even though they were super pale from shipping. So that’s a plus, too!

And I’ve caught sight of them a few times today, so I think they’re still alive in there. Hopefully eating their hearts out.

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