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6 minutes ago, Vyara Heimer said:

Im a new fish owner.. Did alot of study and all but overall should i get a sponge filter or hang on filter? Also how much substrate do i need for a 5.5 gallon fish tank? I was going to get 4.4 pounds of of fluval stratum substrate? Thats about all

Welcome to the forum! For the filter, it really depends on what type of fish you plan on keeping. For the substrate, I'd say that the bag you are going to buy is enough.

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If you want to do plants I would do at least 3 inches of sand.

The sponge filter is always a great idea, and may be my favorite filter. Both works fine though. A Hang on back may be quiter, because the air pumps used for sponge filter can often be loud. But the nano usb air pump, is SOOO quiet.



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