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18 hours ago, Fowler said:

Effects of  dosing all in one, carbon, and iron at same time. I have been doing 3 different intervals starting after water change

The main reason to separate into 3 intervals...or at least two...Is that Iron and the phosphate in the all-in-one will react with each other and become unavailable to your plants. This is why they are sold separately. I tend to dose Easy Green, and a day or so later follow with easy iron and potassium (my water is very low in everything, you may not need potassium).

I don't like liquid carbon, but if I were going to use it I would use it by itself at least 48h after using a dechlorinator, and be very careful to never exceed the recommended dose. Liquid carbon is dangerous stuff, use with caution. I use it in the lab, with gloves and in a fume hood. For more info please see link. Used cautiously it can be "safe" but one has to ask if it is worth the potential for error. I work with this and am trained to do so and still hesitate strongly to use it in my tank. Last resort algecide, never as a "standard" part of my regimen. 


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