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Admittedly, my photos, aren't great at this point.  I'm just returning to the hobby after a long hiatus.  At a yard sale recently, I obtained an aerial photograph of the Baltimore Ballpark, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and an idea was born!  After all, the Orioles' colors of orange and black tend to be in no shortage in freshwater aquarium fish.  This idea was reinforced the first time I saw a picture of a koi angelfish, and knew I had found my focal centerpiece.  The color scheme is rather singular, as I aim for the Orioles' black and orange whenever I can.  I also considered looking for a purple to bring in the Ravens, but didn't want to go the GloFish route and haven't run across anything else.

What you're seeing here is a 37 gallon topfin.  Substrate is Black Diamond blasting sand.  To the right is a gnarl of spiderwood which I soaked for 4 days before putting into the tank, and after 5 weeks in the tank I'm still having tannin issues!  To the right is some other little piece of driftwood.  In the back of the tank are 3 Amazon Swords and several clumps of Jungle Val.  In the front are multiple clumps of micro swords.  As should always be the case 😉 , all of my  plants and my sponge filter came from the Co-op!  

What I have not been able to get really any pictures of yet are my Clown Pleco and a school of 6 Schwarz' Cories.  Living higher in the water column are 2 Golden Wag(MickeyMouse?) Swordtails (there were three but I had an explained casualty the other day), and two koi angels, Natty and Bo(Anyone from Baltimore, enjoy the reference there!)

I'd love to know anyone's thoughts in the forum world, and I'll work on some better pictures!









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