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Upgrading Tanks - Musical Chairs

Andrew Puhr

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Got a new 40 Breeder and 29 Gallon Tank. Planning to upgrade everyone into a larger tank. Trying to figure out the game of musical chairs without stressing too many fish out. 

Fish in 30 going to 40
Fish in 20 going to 29
Fish in 15 going to 30

The new 29 Gallon is going in the same spot as the 20. Substrates in some are hoping to transfer along with plants. I have a serious amount of 10 gallons available as temporary holding tanks but I don't want to move them and then move them again. Just trying to figure out the best approach. Do you think its better to start with the largest tank upgrade and work down since the 40 is already empty?




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That's going to be a big job!!!  You've got this! 💪😆👍 

I'd definitely start with the 40, and I don't know if I'd have enough dedication to move the substrate...so much dust...so much mulm...haha!  I do guess now would be as good a time as any to move substrate though...

Keep us updated!!!

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