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Trimming rotala plant to propagate

CJz Fishes

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I just picked up a really beautiful rotala indica plant today from a local fish store and I was doing some research on how to propagate the plant but I don’t feel comfortable doing that yet. I wanted to post here since we have some plant wizards in here lol. But yes, I would greatly appreciate it if a kind soul would tell me some knowledge on how to trim up some rotala. 
Edit- what’s the easiest/hardiest shrimp to keep? Preferably ones that breed fairly easy. I’ve never kept shrimp so I really don’t know too much about them but the basics 




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For me cherry shrimp have been the easiest. They tolerate a very wide range of temperatures from being in a discus aquarium to being outside year round (even under ice). And the volume of their breeding seems proportional to the volume of their feeding.

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