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Do scuds eat plant roots

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I currently have a 10g tank heavily planted and purchased plants from my local fish store. I have two Amazon swords (one is a red flame) and they produce leaves weekly. That being said I have replaced them in the substrate several times because the roots cannot seem to grow. I have had the tank for 3 months and have fed the swords heavily (3/4 easy root tabs per month) and am wondering if the scuds are eating the roots. Had anyone else had this experience? 

I am debating starting the tank all over in a 30 long with new substrate and replacing my filter sponges along with heavily cleaning my decorations. thoughts?


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I have had amazon swords be very slow to start in new ecocomplete. They like established roots and they like a LOT of root fertilizer. They are also unhappy being replanted because their roots seem to be very brittle. I think it is likely those factors rather than the scuds. Maybe boost them along with root tabs until you start to build up fish waste in the substrate.

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I've never had scuds eat the roots, they like the green stuff. I've had scuds with fry's and they don't bother them either  but I've read some can be predatory. I think they only resort to that behavior if there aren't other food sources that they prefer in the tank. If they're kept with fish their population shouldn't affect your plant life. The Goliad Farms Scuds have been trained over generations to eat hornwort and duckweed. They seem to feed the exclusively on that plant because they have so much excess

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