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Rainbow Stiphodon Goby (Stiphodon ornatus) Oxygen in water?


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So I think I heard from @Dwayne Brown that these fish feed on mulm and biofilm, and the internet agrees.

I see lots of warnings that they need a high rate of dissolved oxygen at the higher end of their temp range. The tank I wanted them for houses angelfish and rams, so there is a narrow window of overlap right at the top of the goby's temp range--short of owning an O2 meter, is there any way for me to figure out how much dissolved oxygen is enough?

I have a 29g, heavily planted, @ 82 deg F and about a pH of 6.5-7.4. I run 2 large sponge filters with airstones and a lot of driftwood. The substrate is ecocomplete, and it might be 25% exposed, and mulm gathers faster than I really want to vacuum it up, or more often than I need to change water. I have thought also of adding sterbai corys or more khuli loaches. I don't want to add more tech to the tank, I want to work with what I have. I have considered a gravel cap, but I think that is a temporary solution at best. I have also considered Maylasian Trumpet snails or deliberately introducing live black worms...

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