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Species Clarification on Pseudomugil


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Hello, all,

I am curious about a certain Pseudomugil luminatus that I have recently seen available online and in shops. Although I have tried to clear up via online resources, I am still a bit unclear on wether P. paskai, P. iriani, and P. luminatus are all being sold under the common name "Red Neon Blue Eye". Has the general consensus shifted to one being sold under this common name? Back when I was maintaining a breeding group of P. gertrudae, I had only heard of P. paskai and iriani. A search for P. iriani produces P. luminatus results, while P. paskai still appears to be differentiated from P. luminatus. 

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

Also, is it too obvious I have an interest in these small rainbows?

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Fish Folk, thank you for this!

I have read and re-read that article from Rainbowfish which I found greatly informative. At the least, it provides some info regarding the delineation of P. paskai and P. luminatus and that both may be sold under the common name "Red Neon Blue Eye". When I used the same resource to compare the difference between the above listed and P. iriani the photo was a very different looking fish compared to that of a general internet search.


I will definitely reach out to Maria as well regarding the mystery at hand.

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